Rust by Zarkon
Rust by Zarkon
--- damn Im on a rush... now i just whish my skills could fol
low the pace... zk
More rules for drawing chicks : always have the mouth slightly
opened so that
it looks inviting , THIGHT clothes are the way to go if any
are to be used,
ill never repeat it enuff... legs are never LONG enuff!!!!!
hold me, thrill me, kiss me,
rust me?
--thispart-is for-the-pack ver.-of-the ansi-- ---cut here mazzzm
- ---8---
if you want an ansi from me send money to:
Daniel Fioriello
134 rang des 25 ouest
St-Bruno, Quebec, Canada
more money more quality
product as shown here 25american or 30 canadian.
btw i take mastercard,visa,cheque,american express,cash,whores,money