The Haven by Zarkon
The Haven by Zarkon
-- mayday, mayday, mayday... somebody help me!!! I need skills
!!! badly...
gREETS: Cold and Ugly, Lemons SPAM SMOOTHIE!!, Parasi
te, Snake Grunger, SA,
Slothy, GREG!!!!, Massm, Fluor JOIN LEGEND, Juice nice to hav
e you back, BoaTNA where are ya mang?, Jae ppffff, Lintec
, Xanthous enjoy this one, all
my Legend posse... the PTA crew... Mr.Jack Daniels and friends.
3 simple rules of proportions : the breasts are never big enou
gh, the legs are never EVER long enough and there
s always too much clothing.
p.s: i hate it when Im missing space for my fonts...
and they suck P ill
try to make it up with this... behold:
ops : xanthous
ansi done by zarkon o
f legend --- all this shit is for
and only for Xanthous
--thispart-is for-the-pack ver.-of-the ansi-- ---cut here xanthous
if you want an ansi from me send money to:
Daniel Fioriello
134 rang des 25 ouest
St-Bruno, Quebec, Canada
more money more quality
product as shown here 25american or 30 canadian.
btw i take mastercard,visa,cheque,american express,cash,whores,money