Upload requirements

  • Do not submit anything else but ANSI/ASCII artpacks.
  • Packs must be compressed in ZIP format (despite legacy formats present in the archive there is really no valid reason in this day and age for aberrant compression formats)
  • Uploading packs is a favor not a right. We reserve the right to redact any unwanted and/or illegal content
  • By uploading you acknowledge you hold the rights or have received permission from the creator(s) to put the content on public display or the pack you are uploading has been released to the public before.
  • By uploading a self-packaged artpack you acknowledge that as a packager you've done the utmost to credit original artists wherever applicable, either in the artwork directly or in the SAUCE comments.
  • For non-historical artpacks: to classify as an artpack, your pack should contain a FILE_ID.DIZ/ANS, an infofile/memberlist and textmode art in its original format. Packs that do not classify as an artpack will be deleted.

Upload procedure

  • Provide a valid e-mail address and upload your pack
  • The self-upload mechanism allows to upload packs up to 60MB in size.
  • If your upload is deviating from the size and file format requirements, you must contact us to have it eventually manually published
  • We will automatically start converting the pack content for web display, depending on the size, this might take a few minutes
  • You will receive an e-mail with a TEMPORARY link which allows for detecting issues prior to publishing. This link is temporary and will expire after 24 hours, do not publicly share this URL as it will stop working.
  • You will find a publish button on the staging page, pressing this button will immediately publish the staged pack. After publishing the (new) URL can be shared.

Packing recommendations

  • use a lowercase filename for your pack filename, although allowed we recommend against using special characters
  • use a FILE_ID.DIZ in ASCII format, an ideal size would be 45 columns x 22 lines, they can be longer, but in the pack overview the displayed columns will be limited to 45.
  • if you include a FILE_ID.ANS (ANSI format), we will show this in the previews in stead of the FILE_ID.DIZ (ASCII format), ideally the FILE_ID.ANS has a proper width specified in the SAUCE record for optimal display. We recommend a width of 45, but technically any width can be used as long as specified correctly in SAUCE.
  • add SAUCE records to the files in your pack, not just the title/author but also define how you want your files to be displayed: font, dimensions, letter spacing, iCE colors, ...
  • do not submit textmode art in graphics formats such as PNG/JPEG. We do the utmost to display the artwork correctly as defined in the SAUCE records. Submitting in a graphics format will cause resizes of your work to be lossy and the viewing will very likely not be optimal. Submitting textmode art as a raster image also prevents us from serving a retina version of the artwork to capable devices.
  • don't wait to test and stage a pack at release time, you can safely try staging multiple times beforehand

Upload a pack

If you encounter any issues, you may use the report link at the bottom of any page (include your e-mail address if feedback is required)

you need a valid e-mail address to receive the URL to the staged pack

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