lazarus promotional by multiple artists
lazarus promotional by multiple artists
L a z a r u s . . .
Let your death represent others to come
as the dark sets in to day
the nights soon decay,
and you hope to earn some respect in a tiresome world
where you remain,
and tears turn in to pain,
as nights turn in to day.
give up your hopes, rest in your grave.
dont fight the fight that cannot be won.
its not where you come from.
why should you bother to help those in need?
you have greed and happiness.
if happiness is that greed
and greed is the happiness that brings you your desires.
open your eyes and focus on what you see.
you can no longer see words
you must hear the meanings.
the truth, the lies, and the solitude.
gold cannot win hearts where gold does not belong.
its the heart that wins gold, a prize to be sought.
Basic Outine: Grind KingLazarus
Font Shading: The RiddlerLazarus
Background: QuipMistigris / The RiddlerLazarus
Lit: AcolytePipe
Major Touchups: Phobiuh, MenaceAwe, Catch22Glue, RustedLazarus
Yep... Eight artists.
We thank rusted and menace for working very hard on a background...
Then we apologize to both of them because we didnt use it. Sorry guys.