Cyberforce... by The Knight
Cyberforce... by The Knight
Does FUEL kick as yet ? I think it
does...but thats just my -erhm-.
*humble* opinion.. Contact us, or me,
for anything concerning ansi..
blablablah..pff, beginning to believe
that headers suck.. cant always do
*- the same stupid greetz in it, can ya ?
Good Knight
c Fuel! productions 1995 Ansi 100 by The KNiGHT/FUEL!
Duh, why not do some greetz for a change huh, argh..okay, here we go.. Deep Freezer,Brainbreaker,Byron,Ben Hurry,Venior,Lord Cyrix,Burps,Speed Freak,Count Drakula,Bytemare,Necrofiliac,Thrasher,Pooh,The Orme,Sleeping Dog,Uncle Bob,Spiritual Steven,Antinoize,Plutonium Boy, Prophetizer,etc...