Black Cat by The Knight
Black Cat by The Knight
The Knight here with another nice
babe ansi...damn, Ive got a cold..
really...every 15 minutes I got to wipe
off my keyboard cuz I been sneezin all
over it.. not an easy way to draw ansi.
Greetz to some nice ansidrawin Belgian
groups: cow,tly,bdp,x!ess...
I promise, next time I wont draw so
much babes...I just like them I guess..
*- Ansi 100 by The KNiGHT/FUEL!
tchoem! ha-ha-.....tchoem.. ergh, sniff, gleeuh, greedinks go to dese beaple: dfr,nf,thr,vnr,lc,sf,cd,an,ss,tts,ef,tick,byron,mod,stinger,mabuse, ghory,uncle bob,sleeping dog,bh,sd,bs,wsjoin us!,sc,bc,cf,rc,na, ah-tchoem!, and brobably more...cand dink sdraighd ad de mobent.. Tk