Cyblade by The Knight
Cyblade by The Knight
no inspiration for this header text
anymore.. just enjoy this piece..
contact me for anything concerning
fuel, ansis, money...specially the
last thing. requesting ansis is
possible. if you want the best, you
*- got to be willing to pay the ultimate
c Fuel! productions 1995 Ansi 100 by The KNiGHT/FUEL!
greetinx to bb, dfr, sd, nf, ghory, mabuse, bs, ws, thr, ie, vnr, lc, ss, sc, ph, the mod, the tick, tts, ef, bc, rc, koffie, and all the rest I forgot how clich..when reading these greetz you must think Ive got a speaking problem...well, I have... I fell off my rocking horse...