Kid Krylon's Logo Stack #3! by Kid Krylon
Kid Krylon's Logo Stack #3! by Kid Krylon
k i d k r y l o n !
i dont know about you, but i
really dig this ky logo...
u i n
n o
p r e s e n t s
Warning: The following logos are...
View At Your Own Risk...
animania for blendahead
kidkrylonuniOn! a n i m a n i a !
bat kave for Mistawho?!
meeestahoos batkave
cirron for deathnite
Cirron BBS Software... Its da shiznit...
hellix for Warlord
hole! for azrael
the forgotten underground for undergawd
ky the forgotten underground
pac bell for the bombest shit youll ever log on to
it just dont get no mo phunkaya
than this...
. . . .. . ...p a c k a g e d r e b e l l i o n... .. . .. . . .
. . . .. ...4 o 8 ... .. . 246.. . . o281. . ... . . .
back up in yo shit...
Phruwt for boogeyman...
may the funk be witcha...
Sunday for Shadow Hawk
s a y
n d
it aint no day at church...
End of the third logostack by Kid Krylon...
Welp, I think this stack contains the best shit by me to date...Uhm, you can
get in contact with me on irc on usually ansi, union, ice, or disco. My
ircnick is usually either ky or krylonzzz. Or you can write me email via
the internet at Thanks for viewing this, and im out..
Greets go out to and theres a lot of em: stone amnesia, eerie, ap0c, nero,
seize, blendahed, technicolOr wewp, stc, asphixia, christopher robin, hlecter,ellis dee, omega red, hunchback, betrayer, asylum, black lightning, mistawho,
superfly, enigmatic, fear, phaedrus, hellshock, blue dot, doc hate wh0r3,
mrmuff, prong, paranoid insomniac, airborn, overdose, abomination, 28, weasel,
cellophane nightmare, chimera, maestro, everlast, tyme, ts, smooth, xpired,
surreal logic, ik, all of union, and anyone whos ever greeted me before... P