Despair 2 by Neurotic
Despair 2 by Neurotic
Pike is this.. uh.. dude from WildC.A.T.S. 1. I shoulda drawn Zealot.
Despair 7o8 - 3o1 - 2948 Its one happin lil demo/art board yall asylum lit member board blade ansi dist site die member board dgi international demo net midwest us hub terbium ansi mag dist site
dual module player support site sound board connection network node
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mist demo world headquarters psychic monks demo dist site
maniac productions demo magazine dist site
gsn international demo net midwest us hub
union united states headquarters
Dude supplying the equipment - Usul Guy with the paintbrush - Karnaaj
Guy banging on the pots n pans - Leviathan
My apologies for the crappy shading -- Its marqs fault
Ansi - shading and all - by Neurotic / Union
Phont - NCs font slave - by Hound / Union
Stats - NC modded them a bit - by AN-D2 ANS