No Carrier - The *REAL* NC
Big K-Rad Smiley Greets Go Out To:
Ace - Olives!!! Merger!!!
Nitron - ... So.. can... will you make me an ansi?
- Hey, you were the first to figure out what it was.
Astaroth - ... Hmmm.. familiar plot..
Hard Target - And the most illegible font of 93 award goes to...
- Look! Pecs!!!
Optical Illusion - Thieves... thieves... thieves... thieves...
- Its YOUR fault the last two bases arent working!
Polarized Infusion - Zykotik K9 rules! Get me their tape ya lamer!
Nailz and GenoCide - Thanks for giving me a chance...
- What? You want quality, not just quantity?
Everyone at Blast Off! - I was the guy blowing off beat...
I mean my whistle... you perverts...
The Prodigy and whoever made WakeUps -
Without you this ansi would not be here.
Dammit GenoCide! Its a guy with a purple hood, grey cape and purple body suit!
I am their prisoner, in their cage
I lie in here and contemplate my rage
There is nothing to do, so I wonder why
Why they had made me live this lie
Alone with my thoughts, I search my soul
I suddenly realize what was their goal
I had been a tool towards thier task
My true identity hidden behind their mask
My memory was that of continuous strife
I had no knowledge of my previous life
My memories were born in their computer matrix
Implanted into my brain through their mental tricks
I had spent my life in a world of their creation
Living with a continual feeling of alienation
I was labelled as different, crazy and obsessed
There was something in me that no other possessed
I reacted to the rejection, I maimed, I killed
In my state of delusion, I did what I willed
In retrospect I know, the lives meant nothing
But I lived in their matrix, where they meant everything
The experiment was over, I was released from its control
But do they ever stop to realize what it did to my soul
Now they keep me in a room under their observation
To study the effects of their computer simulation
They will let me go, I will soon be free
They will give me a chance to rejoin humanity
I will be released with my thoughts of confusion
All that I know, I learned, in their Programmed Illusion
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Nothing like finishing an ansi the dead line day.
ANSi And Litterature by No Carrier of UNiON Trial
NC-PI.ANS 244 Lines Finished 12/26/93
Merry Commercialized-mas! Happy New Year! Rave!