Argh! Not my TV! Now I cant watch Bleu Nuit! :
Calvin is a Trademark of Bill Watterson
Im stuck in a cell, with four padded walls,
Thick and sound-proof, so I cant hear the calls,
Of the other inmates, who are locked up here too,
If Im not freed soon, I dont know what Ill do.
I wear a white jacket, that constricts my arms,
The doctors tell me they do it, so I wont come to harm,
But I know the truth, they enjoy watching my pain,
They are so sadistic, yet Im the one who is insane.
Im so out of touch, sometimes I feel Im losing my mind,
When I look into their faces, I know Im not one of a kind,
Something about being here, where everything is white,
Somehow it affects the brain, it can not be right.
Im locked in here, concealed from real life,
Sometimes I wonder, about my children, my wife,
Do they still love me, do they know where I am?
I ask the doctors for answers, but they dont give a damn.
They are my only source of knowledge, but do they tell the truth?
I will never know, unless I get some proof.
I need to be free, in the name of humanity,
So I can break the binds, of this Censored Reality.
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