d r e a d
R e l e a s e c C o m p a n y
Supplier. : Roy Type. : RPG Game
Packager. : Nepenthe Protection. : None, Full Retail
Cracker. : Zeus of Disks. : 07
Released. : 04/18/98 Requirements : Pentium, Dirx
Release Info:
Countless years ago evil ruled the realms. Fierce monsters
roamed the land causing chaos and destruction. People were
helpless until The Goddess of Light looked down upon the world
and fused the evil into the Orb of Salumain. Thereafter, the
world entered an age of peace and prosperity.
Blah blah and blah here FULL release Description
Install Info:
If is necesary a key, specify here and explain installation process too
Dread Family
Founder: Restraint
Presidents: Nepenthe Fertile
Councils: Looseleaf Hamster Eesh Square2 Lordripz Wushu1
Members: VBRunner Foden EvilOne Jamms Reggin AiChains
LordChron panoramix sYnTx Chanson Aerosmith
Visgoth hush desrever Deathnite Hst Arlequin
Diabloz Locutus Zeus Digitz Haknet Psycho1
Vagabond Distingt Ph3ar Gentai GTI SelfDestruct
Austin316 Lowton Hypocrisy Warezwulf
Dread Sites
WANTED +T3 Xxxxxxxx World HeadQuarters
Hurricane E3 H. Staff Euro HeadQuarters
GS2 T3 GS2 Staff US HeadQuarters
A57 T3 A57 Staff US HeadQuarters
SD T1 SD Staff Canada HeadQuarters
PD T1 PD Staff Release HeadQuarters
TS T1 TS Staff Release HeadQuarters
Y2K 3xT1 Y2K Staff Affiliated
TD T1 TD Staff Affiliated
TM T3 TM Staff Affiliated
FW T3 FW Staff Affiliated
Dread News
If you wish to be in our group of people, then we are looking
for the following:
Software Supplier, games or applications
Hardware Supplier, supply for free
Crackers, must be VERY experienced
Siteops, must be T3+ with 10gigs+ of space
Shell Supplier, must supply T3+ legit shells
Web Hosting, must be T3+ box
Contact Info
You can reach us, for applys, comments, at:
IRC EfNet : dread
E-mail : dread@aglassact.com
WWW URL : http://not.ready.yet
Nfo Artwork By Arlequin, Last Update: xx/xx/98
images: X1 X2
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