iCE 99/06 Info by iCE Staff
iCE 99/06 Info by iCE Staff
J U N E 1 9 9 9
1. Oh say, can you see? By the dawns early light! No, it isnt the
fight for independence, but instead, an all-new iCE Pack coming to you
just in time for your Independence day celebration! And if you live in
Canada, we heard that gay pride day was last week, kudos.
2. A fellah by the name of Tim Lewis wandered into our commons recently,
deciding that, he too, had the desire to create incredible art and
associate with the best in digital art. We couldnt agree with him more.
3. As we announced last month, the new iCE website has finally gone
online amidst a bunch of hooplah and one of the more interesting was that was posted to the almighty, the news site for
geeks. As many people know, this will cause the slashdot effect,
attempting to cripple servers with thousands of simultaneous viewers.
Luckily, our systems held up great under the load and the web server never
exceeded a load of 1!
4. In other recent website-related news, Ansiconv aka Artview 1.7 was
released fixing a small command line parameter bug that prevented many DOS
users from using the program non-interactively. This has been fixed and
the new version has been posted to We will be
compiling a DOS version for you gimps as soon as possible.
5. We would like to congratulate Anarchy and Aphid Twix on the release of
the Nintendo 64 game they have been laboring on for a long time. Its a
racing game called World Championship Driver, from Boss Studios. Check it
out, its a fantastic racing game, if youre into that sort of thing like
Mongi is into jello.
6. Did we mention that in June alone, our web site served more than 2.3
million hits? Youll be hard-pressed to find another art group who
can offer the hirez AND lowres artists as much exposure as we can! If
youre interested in joining iCE, simply visit our website or send an
email to!
7. You know mellons are just like pears, except theyre completely different.
8. Update on the Jamie McCarter situation: APS Technology has sent us a
pre-release of their Summer catalog! Jamies art can be found on the
cover, the first page of the catalog, and another page towards the back!
Congrats again Jamie on a job well done!
9. Womens world cup, broadcasting cellular phone conversations,
government-sponsored co-ops, mysterious H: drive formats, and love that
you just cant get enough of!
9.5 The votes have been tallied, and its official: iCEs favorite Asian:
Sinned Soul!
-Mass Im as happy as a leetle gurl Delusion // iCE Senior Staff
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion Lord Soth