iCE by Toon Goon
iCE by Toon Goon
this ansi was done in dallas on my old 386sx/20 while visiting my parents one
weekend. this is probably the only time ill ever do ansi from now on. i dontwant to do any back home. too many other things to do. im listening to this
hard rock station while i type this. i cant get it very good back home and all
they really have there are lameass country stations.. im trying to catch the
new black sabbath song again. they havent played it yet.. tonight i go out in
search of an old arcade machine. im converting a machine to run emulators on
a computer im putting in it. if i find one im going to have to rent a u-haul
to carry it back with. bleh. this ansi was taken from GEN-13 7. the only
reason i do ansi anymore is for the new guys in ice.. taintedx, nosegos, c0..
c0 came around when ice ansi was about dead and i wanted to help do some ansi sohe would have some fun in the group.. now everyones starting to draw again and
i just want to help the ansi division out some.. i dont di it because its fun.
its a little fun as long as im not doing 14 ansis a month but i still get tiredof doing it after awhile. now for a few personal messages. syntax: i still
dont plan on doing that pic. i cant read minds and if youre busy, say so nicely
and dont be an asshole aboutit. and ill leave you alone. being an asshole wontget you anywhere with me. greets to trip, c0, taintedxsorry, i really thought
you were quitting.. ive seen that kinda conversation before0 0, nosegos, etc. when i get back tomorrow i plan on hitting up trip to do a logo for this.. or
anybody else who wants to do one.. if you like this ansi, tell me.. im not
really a good judge of how good my ansi is anymore.. bleh. anyways if you want
to check out my website go to and if you want to email me its .. see you next month.. or not. if i come to dallas next month
ill have another ansi.. and yes filth, this IS a toon ansi 0
greets to filth
iCE Ansi 1998. Picture by Toon Goon, logo by Trip.