Salt by Count Zero
Salt by Count Zero
and he did present a
new sig unto them. And
they did say, That
sig is whack. And
he did tell them
to fuck off, hes
being artistic.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay. I made this ansi, and then I realized that I had nobody to give it to.
So, I decided to run a little contest on Acheron, and give
the ansi along with a free logo to whoever sent me the most interesting
reason as to why I should give them the ansi. The winner, by a narrow margin,
was Dissonance, of Awe Lettering. Congratulations, dee1! Here is his winning
Dear Count Zero:
As a wee lad, I experienced a recurring dream in which
a filthy, sebacious tomcat spoke to me. The grungy
feline would repeat, each time, a prophecy. It went
something like this: you, Dissonance, have been hindered
with the curse of the isna. Unless you acquire a piece
of art so revolutionary, so awe-inspiring that it brings
tears of envy to ones eyes, you will perish before your
sixteenth birthday.
Now, as I grew older and more experienced, I also began
to worry about this dream more and more. Today, I walk
around in utter fear. I realized that I have only mere
months before my almost certain demise.
When I saw your offer on Acheron, I knew it was destiny.
A seasoned artists such as yourself, making an offer so
abnormal in todays ansi scene. Then it struck me!
Isna ansi backwards! Please, please dont take this
away from me. My life is in your hands.
Please donate this ansi to Salt my BBS, so that I may
unveil it to the disgusting cat that has been the ogre
running my life for the last decade. If you dont, I
will inevitably fall victim to his lethal claws. Hes
a socipath, a psychopath. I swear on all that is holy.
This account is completely true. Please. You are my
only hope...
Dissonance President, AWE Lettering
Now, I want to get more entries next time I run a competition. So in advance,
Im going to tell you what the question will be. Next time I run a competition,
the question will be Whats a cool competition to run, and give away ansi as
a prize?. I want funny answers, whack answers... dont try to be serious :.
And remember, this contest is *NOT* open yet. I will post on Acheron when it
is. Im just giving you advance warning here, so you can think up cool
responses. Later!