Logos by Count Zero
Logos by Count Zero
this is my new sig. cool, huh?
- 311 -----------------------------------------------------------------------
- diverge -------------------------------------------------------------------
- Playdoh -------------------------------------------------------------------
- X - FISO --------------------------------------yes, this is ascii--------
- phar ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- N R G --------------------------------------------------------------------
- Damage Inc. ---------------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a new system for dishing out free logos. At the beginning of each month,
I will post a message on Acheron www.acheron.org, in the news section.
Basically, Ill say how many requests I will accept, and how long Ill be
accepting them for probably not more than a week. So at that point, you
gotta move your ass to get your request in before I reach my quota. Why am
I doing it this way? Because otherwise, I get so many requests that Ive been
sacrificing quality for quantity, and Id rather not do that anymore.
My computer got fucked just the other day when I was messin with it, but
I managed to fix the problem, so I could get this stuff into the pack. I am
the man.
Props to all the ice boys but especially our newest ansi member, taintedx,
creator, all the FoS crew, and Cthulu Im working on that joint.
Can anyone tell me what props means, anyway?