Asylum by Black Viper
Asylum by Black Viper
Asylum -
Run by Pzycho Awe
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This ansi has been made by Black Viper from
iCE Advertisements, 1997
Coming soon: http://www.tot, BVipers official
fan page :
Black Vipers little words
for this month :
1997 YEAR, from Black Viper
May your new year
be prosperous and full of
INTRO Well, this is my fourth m
onth in iCE! Seems like Ive j
oined iCE
yesterday... Anyways. I wasnt very
active this month... but I guess you
might understand why I was at family parties
, throwing up on the floor,
drinking a lot of beer, and stuff.
: I should be more active in the next
months, if you guys give me requests... :
PICS Okay, for that special pic coming
... it should be released in August
1997. Youll see why : T
hatll leave me more time to finish it and
kickass stuff in there.
PULSE About Pulse... Since Inertia
s moving to Seattle :-,
Im going
to take Pulse. So Ill do a little cl
ean-up, Ill moderni
ze the modding,
etc.. It should close somewhere in the month of
February, and reopen
somewhere in March at a new number. Ah yeah
.. another thing. Read this
-------------------------the following is dedicated
to black viper for his long useless hello, im a
kid in ice im so proud to doodle those ansis do i
like pink floyd is my
english horrible post-advertisement rambles. keep up
the good job bv! who
knows, maybe one day well find some interest in readin
g them!
- Directly from Eeries Pic 33-DISCO.ANS from FIRE1296.ZIP
BLAST Ummmm. Okay. I
m 15 years old, and I
m a quebecer. BUT I have the
in the bottom line of my little text.
And who fucking cares actually eh? If you don
t like my texts, just skip th
BV-*.* files in the iCE packs! And this goes to
Halaster... Why are you
speaking of 7 month old subjects? I **
HAD** the right to leave Fire,
and we
closed this discussion a WHILE ago... so stop ta
lking of this, its unnessary
. And I **DIDNT**
quit Fire for iCE for FAME.
I hope its clear now?
All requests should be emailed to bviper@ Im mail-less
or call Pulse at 514 434-9508
Should change the number very soon
Hello to:
oUTkAST, Inertia, Grindstoned,
Fluor, Tnangel, Massd
, Mass Murderer, SpaceDev,
Toon Goon, SGrunger, Wyvy,
ColdNUgly, Colourl
ess, Lemonade, Zarkon,
Lord Soth, Syntax, Tetanus,
Egoteq, Flame, Soul Assassin
:: Black Viper iCE
:: Remember when you were young, you shone like th
e sun.