J U L Y 2 0 0 0
1. Although previously reported that Ian Dale was getting a trip to Europe, it
turns out that is low on cash and cancelled the prize. Ian might
still be getting t-shirts from the company though! This makes things around
the ice compound a bit more tense. As you may remember, last month we
mentioned that Ian is the last ice member to get his free European vacation.
So now having it cancelled is really just rubbing salt in the wound. Ian has
been getting dust in his eye quite a bit since then as weve seen him
strolling the halls of the Im not mentally unstable ward.
1.5. You wouldnt think the FTC would allow companies to award prizes and never
deliver them, would you? Crazy world...
2. We learned this month that Slothy has some very strong opinions about HTML.
3. We also learned that living in San Francisco is so expensive that its quite
silly. Massd is very crazy to be paying that kinds of rent... but then again,
hes also Senior Staff, so we knew hes not one for thinking things through.
4. See you next month!
5. We hope you enjoy the pack this month! A lot of people came together with
new art this month to make it happen. Just remember: like it or people will
hear a rumor that you have herpes and nobody will date you anymore.
6. Further rumors speculate that Mass Delusion is affording that crazy rent by
being the real brains behind Survivor. He is reportedly dating both Jenna
and Colleen, using iCE resources to make late night rendezvous to the island.
7. You might notice that these announcements are out of order this month. This
is a result of the senior staff being disorganized. We hope to have it
repaired by next month.
- Slothy and Massd
Lord Soth Mass Delusion