iCE: May 1994.. Active Member Listing
Tempus Thales
Without a doubt, the gayest fairy ever to grace the iCE member listing.
.Senior Staff
Rock on dude! Shaggy Syntax Error
US - Xerobe
Canada - Ellis Dee
Killer Handle.. as if! How can one person be so cheery?????
B. Runner Elminster iNCUBUS Nitrous Ravage Bias
Crewl Blade *G. Washing. *Iron Man Pnakotic Sand
CybeR ChrisT Gwar *L. Carnuss Quick Silver Soul Blazer
Dr. Tongue Hoaks Lord Soth R. Majere Soul Rebel
Alphaspin Cardinal E. Darkness Master Koresh
Anarchy Cid Vicious Flashback sober
Banana Basher C. Perspective Mascot Twink
Ford Prefect Friar Tuck Natex Poskgrubbe Prolog Zoid
C.C.Catch Chuck Biscuits Mellow-D Necros Nemesis
Maelstrom Phoenix Hawk R. Noble Ronin Swami Tron Powerhouse
Dual Standard S1W Vash
Rappo Sy Kotic Tyrus Sithius
Reaper Wildwood The Inquisitor Zenith Blitzkrieg
Black Ire Kaska F. Kaska Ren Sexual Chocolate
This new memberlist compilation was completed on May 1st, 1994.. and to the
best of our knowledge, depicts the current/active membership of iCE...
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