Whats new in:
1. Hey, its me again. Not much been happening this month, been sorta slow
mostly due to the fact that everyone worked their hearts out last month.
Well lets see what HAS happened though . . .
2. A great loss that iCE has suffered this month is the loss of Inquisitor,
definately the best Courier Coordinator that the group has ever had, and
possibly the best CC that I have ever seen in the ANSi scene. Well miss
you man. Also leaving is Amroth, Magnus, Prime Evil, and Spaceman Spiff.
2. Xerobe will be temporarily be taking the place of The Inquisitor until
a replacement is found.
3. A new member is an ANSi artist coming over from ACiD, Iron Man.
Quite an artist, and though he didnt release anything for us this month
we are definately looking forward to seeing him produce in the months to
come. Also joining back up with us is Lord Carnuss, a great artist.
As for our VGA section, an artist named Critical Perspective has been
added this month, and some very nice work by him is in this pack. Last
but not least is the coder Cap-n-Crunch.
4. A minor policy change this month is that literature will no longer be
released as stand alone files, rather it will be incorperated into ANSi
VGA pictures.
5. The iCN hub is Sanctuarytm, 3o5.792.8771. If you are an iCE
member, and a sysop of your own board, call there and apply to get
the network. The net has been condensed, and it is all private now.
6. There are a couple pictures that cant be viewed with Multi-View this
month, they are the .EXE by Cid Vicious, and a .JPG by Twink. Also is
the .EXE CC-AL1.EXE.
7. In handle changing news Aphex Twin changed his handle to Ellis Dee.
Hmmm, how much worse could these handle changes get you ask?!?! Well
lets take for example that White Devil just changed his handle to El
Jaffe, thats how much worse it could get! :
8. Also, the iCE US HQ has gone down and is being replaced by the non-
existant-as-of-yet-yeah right Pantheon!
- Shaggy iCE Staff
Greets: iNKY - Trust me, she resembles the Aerosmith girl
Lord Soth - Is your middle name Opie? BTW, youre GODLY...
Memphis - Uhh on time?!?! As Senior Staff I cant let that happen.
Inquisiton - CC go bye bye? You should use codezzzzzz.
Syntax - Hows Juicy Lucy doing? :
Froggy - I think im in love :