Whats new in
tm recently. 1. Uhh
Huh-huh, hi. 2. Well lesse, interesting things ar
e happening in the upper ranks of the group. First off Te
mpus Thales is now the honorary president of iCE.
Hes just such a special guy, and we all love him, sooo, what the hell!
: 2. Next, is the promotion of Syntax Error
to iCE Senior Staff. He has worked in getting mem
bers, organizing projects, and all that good stuff so he deser
ves it. 2. And in the upper ranks of the site lis
t, TSBD The Texas School Book Depository is now our i
CE Trial HQ, and Lord Soth is now the iCE Trial
3. Many a change has been made to the member site list. Too ma
ny to list
here so, if on of those two involves you then check to see if you are
still there. BTW.. to explain one of the changes, iCE no longe
r has
member boards that only have iCE members as a remote sysop, exc
ept in
certain circumstances.
4. Well new members galore, lets just go through a quick listing:
Arrest, Crewel Blade, Gwar, Jocko, Rava
ge Bias, Spaceman Spiff, Mellow-D,
Swami, Strife, Tron Powerhouse, Zenith Blit
zkrieg, Tyrus Synthius,
Reaper Wildwood, and Prince of Death. *WHEW!*
5. Sparr, our last remaining Euro ansi artist decided to stick wi
th his
friends and join Corp with the rest of them, his last iCE ansi
is in this
6. And last but not least, as youve probably noticed, the iCE Li
t has been
released in this pack without being inside of its own .ZIP. This is
because I felt that it was not fair to have the lit in a zip while ANSI
VGA, and RIP were released outside of one.
- Metal Head iCE Staff
Greets to: Syntax - Huh, finally accepted. Knew you could
nt hold out
much longer. :
Inquisitor - What a Stuf-o-da-Month :
Ronin - You guys deserved it.
Glenn Danzig - Uhh ill call you once a wekk, promise! :
Pixel - Molson iCE Beer :
Dark Wish - If Pleasuredomes a bust im gonna hunt you down.
Doddlebug - Thanks for the Prodigy shit.
Rad Man - I tried to use my Hamster as a VooDoo doll... Did it
work? :
CyberChrist - You just fuckin rock man.
Black Ire - Thanks for the help guy.