. - r.noble, uh ... ice, i guess .
President Tempus Thales
Senior Staff
Metal Head Raistlin Syntax Error
Staff Advisors
Force Ten Lord Mischief
Inquisitor - Courier Director
Glenn Danzig - West Coast ANSI Director
Ronin - Literature Director
Xerobe - iCN Director
Lord Soth - iCE Trial Director
ANSi Artists
Amroth Final Descendant Kaska F. Kaska Sand
Cardiac Arrest Gwar Marshal Law Soul Rebel
Crewel Blade Hoaks Magnus Spaceman Spiff
CyberChrist iNCUBUS Nitrous Tank
Dark Wolf Jocko Ravage Bias White Knight
VGA Artists
Cid Vicious Flashback Master Koresh
DiscoDan Mascot StormTrooper
Eternal Darkness Mason White Devil
Brian the Axe Prolog The Wildcard
Ford Prefect Stealth Ninja ZigZag
Natex The Shadow
C.C.Catch Necros
Chuck Biscuits The Dark Prince
Jaguar Strife
Maelstrom Swami
Phoenix Hawk Tron Powerhouse
Blacksheep Sy Kotic
Prince of Death Tyrus Sithius
Reaper Wildwood Zenith Blitzkrieg
Black Ire Psycho Slasher
M. Slasher Sexual Chocolate
iCE Trial
Abomination Fluorescent Paradigm Vizier
Dark Ice Darkness Slider
Esoteric FUGazi Thor
This iCE Member Listing was compiled on March 18, 1994
Some deletions are results of inactivity.