La nuit, tous les yeux sont gris. by Bisounours
La nuit, tous les yeux sont gris. by Bisounours
la nuit, tous les yeux sont gris.
hi hal,lGiOcDe,slvr,nail,mogel,voice,kyp,leo,trasher,
everyone i met at wired,scope,zarkof,everyone in the
european ansi,blackviper,splif,numb, et tous les
quebecquois. and also: empty,wintermute,ts,...
i dont try to achieve immortality
through my work. im trying to
achieve it through not dying.
insert kaoz logo here
this pic is for scope/teklordz kaoz. one of the best art boards in germany
or so i was told
scope: ill draw the kaoz logo that goes with this pic soon. ive got too
many exams right now
hey! i got an idea. ive seen that most elite ansi artists charge for what they
draw. i wanna be elite too but im not really interested in money. drawing
just for money isnt very rewarding.. a few bucks for the result of hours of
work.. it isnt worth it. so ive decided to ask for t-shirts instead.
so if you want an ansi from me a 150 lines pic and two logos for instance
send me a t-shirt of your favorite music group, ansi group , comic, movie,
nba team or whatever. i think 15/20 would be a fair price for a cool t-shirt ... i dont want to wear crappy t-shirts im not interested in old t-shirts
either, unless they have been worn by elvis.
as for logos, mmh.. the 3 first persons who email me can get a logo if they
send me a postcard of where they live. otherwise, theyre 5.
warning: most of my logos are weird, but you already know that
stephane gigandet - - -- ----------------
residence max schmitt a106
32 route de la joneliere
44300 nantes
france yes i know that means big shipping costs
- - -- ---- -------------- think different. drink bisounours cola.