Carebear Spirit #5 by Bisounours
Carebear Spirit #5 by Bisounours
carebear spirit 5
crescent emag
black maiden
this is for crescent, one of my favorite mags its published by bm, my
favorite european ansi group and this is a personal message to voice
this is a bisounours
weird logo. logo
weird letters.
weird character. weird colors.
weird shading.
just what nail likes.
weird background too. bio. de danone. au bifidus.
this is a joke logo i like them unfortunately, nobody else does.
emptys biohazard bisounours!fire
ive decided to get my short-blue back on screen
je vous souhaite tous un joyeux nol et une excellente anne. au moins ceux
qui arrivent a lire ces lignes en tous cas