Fire Promo by Farbekrieg
Fire Promo by Farbekrieg
Fk iRE
Burn the Crickets
Yes it is... mo Greetz to those k00l3r then i... hehe
Hal- Go on, just attack me with that watermelon..
WM- You be crazy
DH- uhhh, look i greet u
Epitaph- look i spelled yer handle right :
6- Sygma just that for yer handle...
Vampire Lestat- Are we ever gonna do a pack?
Devine Styler... Void?? cool......
Stalker- Dont c u out in the ansi world, join a group
QZ!- yer cool man, now please dont sell yer modem. 4o4 needs cool people :
Greetz to all you SiNNeR mugs,now get back t
o work hf, br, no, ob, u know who
SF- Hey what is smoreplay? what smurfs do before they smuck!
You Want FiRE stuffs, by such local greats as Epitagh, Halaster and D
They are Pretty cool, so Fo Free FiRE ansis call The Flying Donuts or The
Regency go to the FiRE base and beat large stones on a FiRE seniors head u
you get thier slightly mushed attention...