Fire News Letter by Fire Staff
Fire News Letter by Fire Staff
Hey everyone. Its another episode of the Fire pack. First of all
, we
would like to thank you for taking the time to download our artwork.
Withoutyour support, we wouldnt get anywhere. Heck, without your
, why would we be doing this? : Nuff butt kissing and on
with the real
Believe it or not, Fire has increased a bit in the number of members w
the arrival of King Arthur, Shaolin, Agent Orange, and Prisoner1. Ki
Arthur, whos been writing S3Ms for a while now, has included one of h
S3Ms in the pack, improving the quality of the pack and also bumping t
size a little. : Shaolin comes in with two of his rips, and Prisone
formerly known as Hunter, throws in two ANSis. Agent Orange is a real
coder, but very good. Unfortunately, he was not able to put
anything in
the pack due to his laziness. :
Although most of the Fire members contributed something to the pack,
may have noticed that both Halaster and Wintermute went overboard and
a whole lot of work towards the pack. On the other hand, Donut Hole,
should be doing more than what he did this month AND last month, adm
that he just didnt do much because he was lazy. The plague of lazine
is spreading. : Epitaph has now decided to become a full time musicia
for Fire, so dont expect too many ANSis from him.
Keep your eyes out for the next Fire pack at 11/11/94! till then...
Donut Hole
- Senior Staff ofFire
Donut Hole Greets:
Shrapnel : Snarf. Get your computer fixed and start writing music!
Halaster : Donut Man rox.
Sir Freaksalot : I dont know why Im greeting you, but here it is.
Ktulu : Thanks for all the help in Mystery Files Section. :
NH4OH : It was me. I gave it to you. :
Farbekrieg : Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Prisoner1 : I did a boid! A boid!
King Arthur : Nice music. Keep it up.
Halaster Greets:
Quran : Nice sig.
Wintermute : Im a better coder than you.
Talen : Youll never be in Fire.
Donut Hole : You better get these greets right.
Farbekrieg : I greeted you.
Farbekrieg : Two times.
Frabekrieg : Dont ever complain again.
Sir Freaksalot : Quit having a real life and start drawing real VGA
S again
. Phusion : Get a computer.