Dies Irae The Wrath of God
Sysop: Magnus 404466-0641
Shape and Almost everything else by FarbekreigFire
Font and minor touchups by HalasterFire
Hey hal, maybe i should do something cartoonish huh, cause
this semi real shi
t sucks......
Hey QZ, i know yer not seeing this but good luck on yer MUD.Kill the im
s Ello donut, i dunno maybe i should give it up... :
Ello Vendetta i still dont know quite what the hell you do
Ello everyone else Vagrant, Sygma 6 and all you ugly mugs od SiNNeR
Hey maybe if ya smoke something while looking as this you can see the r
eal 3-
d image, its illusion art.. yahhhhh thats it!
An greetings and sillytations to all you other people, i could just rip
kidneys out with a standard number 2 pencil!