To start this newsletter off, the fire senior staff would like
welcome our two newest members. Say hello to Wintermute, our newest
coder, and Phusion our new and only .RIP artist. This month we als
say goodbye to Neurosis, who left the group to concentrate on his own
coding group, VeXT. Good luck, Neurosis. Neurolamer! Neurolamer!!!
SMACK Shuddup, Halaster. On to this months pack...
Several of our key members had difficult times completing work this
month, due in part to schoolwork and late summer vacations. Epitaph
was gone for 1-2 weeks, and Ven is still lost in la-la land. Halaste
and Donut Hole both had summer reading assignments, as well, but stil
managed to turn in som k-rad ansi work. Halaster didnt even DO his!
Sir Freaksalot was daunted by AP Biology and, therefore, had little
time to develope his blossoming pansy! pansy! SMACK VGA talents.
Thankfully, the rest of the fire crue, including Shrapnel, Wintermute
and Silence, chipped in to help make this months pack possible.
Fire would like to thank Ktulu, Flood, and Illusion/2 of Relic for
their support and assistance. Fire also thanks Talen of nothing for
being amusing, and helping keep morale up... youre the best useless
member a group could ever have, we mean it.
The Senior staff of fire must now, regretfully, spend a portion of
this newsletter on discussing Vagrant and his recent actions regardin
the group. Vagrant is in no way affiliated with fire. He has taken
pleasure in spreading rumors about us and has generally made thigs mo
difficult. Whether his actions are due to his recent departure bo
from the group or a personal vendetta against some of its members is
irrelevant. He is causing us a great deal of trouble. If you have a
questions or concerns about this group, or any of its actions, please
contact one of the three seniors listed below.. NOT Vagrant. Thank y
for your time.
In lighter news, Relic has still not responded to Fires best 2 of 3
Hockey Tournament Challenge. This, we believe, has nothing to do wit
the fact that only one member in Relic is even aware of the challenge
and that we have no place to play and no equipment but is due to the
fact that Relic is downright scared of us. Face it, with Sir Freaks
our side, how can we lose? : BTW, if you are very blind to sarcas
the last paragraph was laced with it.
Thats about it for now. Thanks for your time.
Donut Hole
Halaster sends greets out to the following:
Donut Hole: Uhh.. hi, this is wintermute, is this DH???
Talen: Im not reducing my fractions, dammit!
Sir Freak: Hey, I got no greet!
Wintermute: Are you smoking something?
The Immortal: Diversions! Diversions! Diversions!
Flood: w00p!, P * - M Z @
Ktulu: Look at this ansi, ok?
Shrapnel: gugugugug, heee heee heee, hes on fire!
Mr. Sinister: That rocked the boat! In da hauz!
And all the other fire doodz.. damn, I took up too much space..
Vendetta is not here so he gets no greet-space:
Donut Hole sends greets out to the following:
Shrapnel: If A was here Id ...
Halaster: Umm.. umm.. yeah.. hehehe.. put.. youre a cool dood.
Vendetta: I hear that they are coming out with MS OS/2.
Epitaph: I cant wait till the yearbook pictures. :P
Sir Freaksalot: Ooooooooh! The chase!
Talen: Keep working so you can join fire as a useless member.
A: Turn around.
Last Minute thingy:
DH broke his wrist while playing football. Thank you.