Hello all. This is Donut Hole speaking. As some of you know, FiRE has been
started by Vendetta and I about a month ago as a joke. Somehow things have
changed and we decided to take this somewhat seriously before, we just wanted
to have a group so that we can put it in our signature. : Weve managed
to scrap some things from here and there at the last minute... The result?
The Julys FiRE pack!
The purpose of FiRE is to produce information and ANSis, just like any other
ANSi groups out there. If we recieve positive results from this, then our
plan is to continue FiRE. If not, heh... it was a good try.
I think we did a decent job of putting a pack together for a group of only
three members. I stuck some of my ANSis in, and Vagrant and Vendetta wrote
some techie text files for some of your information. Hope you enjoy it.
Donut Hole
FiRE President