Fire Newsletter for 4/96 by Halaster
Fire Newsletter for 4/96 by Halaster
welcome to the latest and, possibly, the greatest fire pack
ever released. the month that fire took to sort itself out
has paid off completely, as weve purged our memberlist and
again solidified our position as a competetor in the ansi
scene. i would like to personally thank each and every
member who contributed to this pack: youve made it amazing.
at the beginning of the month i was very worried that fire
was losing its momentum and, yet again, youve all proven
me wrong. special thanks to all the new generation fire
members whove come aboard and made this group their own.
in terms of news, theres little to say. arpeggio is down,
and were taking members again. i really dont feel like
saying much more, so ill just let the pack speak for itself.
enjoy. i sure am.
halaster fire