#info# fire news by fire staff
#info# fire news by fire staff
Brighter than Twilight!
Cooler than iCE!
More ansis than ACiD!
The Night Angel
Fire Ansi
Fire news for February 1997
God among Lice ascends the podium stairs ..
Wow. Its been one hell of an interesting month for fire. If youve
only recently awakened from hibernation, and/or skipped over the intro
line above, then you may not know that were under new management.
The night of our last pack release, Halaster was talking to Eerie and
I about things, and eventually somehow got it into his head that he
wanted to step down as fire president. Try as we may, we could not
stop him. Hals final ultimatum declared that he would revert to the
status of ansi artist, and that I should run Fire, with Eerie as
Fires ansi coordinator.
In the ensuing weeks, lots of stuff happened, and I found out just
what its like to run a considerable sized art group. I now hold a
much deeper respect for Halaster and all other leaders who have put
any amount of serious effort into an art group.
In the past month, weve revived Fire Ascii under the new leadership
of Pariah. Half way through the month I had some misgivings about
having revived the ascii department, but Pariah ended up doing an
excellent job at his new post, and Im behind Fire Ascii 100. These
guys are out to shove around the boundaries of Ascii in the
traditional sense, and I think they should be turning some heads in
the near future.
Weve also begun a project to create a new Fire music division.
Aylek Trique formerly Young will be the head, although currently
the division is only in its formative stages. Look for some more
boundary-busting when these guys start releasing.
Weve also got a goodly number of new members to announce this month
but Ill leave the rest of the nitty-gritty details to our division
heads. So, without further ado...
lGiOcDe falls off the podium and onto his back as 33 elbows his way on ..
Sup yo du0d, this is your pal Eerie his funky contribution to the
notoriously icy cool Fire Newsletter.
Weve got alot of new members this month in the ansi division for
some psyched out reason, so heres the smack:
1 Avenger -- Heres the facts: Avenger is from the mecca of
electronica, Germany. Thats in Europe, thats why it rules so
hard. Hes into logos, too, when he doesnt contribute to the
critically acclaimed Mean Scheme packs, he graces Fire with some of
his dope art. Check him out, baby.
2 Fever -- You probably know him already, or else please get out
of that closet. While hes still contributing to the most excellent
group Rile with his original pieces, his comic rips will find a way
in here. And well, the kid can draw, thats a fact.
3 Fire From Heaven -- Known on IRC under the overly cryptic nick
twoxfh, Fire From Heaven comes in from Fuel with his fresh surreal
style that will make you fall on your butt *HURT ALOT*. The though
shit being, he couldnt do anything in time for this pack, you know
what, thats strictly Grimlocks fault. Yeah, thats right.
4 Ville -- Coming over from Blend, Ville brings in one of the most
fresh styles you can find right now in the scene. That kid doesnt
just rule, he also KICKS YOUR ASS. Is that enough said? YEP.
We at Fire would also like to tell you to go check out Dieznyiks
very cool zine Lo-Rez 1 2 for two great, in-depth interviews of
Ville Zircus, respectively. The fans love it.
Oh, while Im at it, Ill do a cheap plug for Ampersand, my ansi
scene dedicated web page. The URL is http://www.dto.net/ampersand.
-- Eerie aijaa@geocities.com
Eerie-MC is outta here, but heres the Pa-ri-uh with the freaky style that
chicks all around dig I guess ..
.. hAji
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8 were back bEEITCH!@ l .. .
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,P :
Well, Fire!Ascii is 7 back in the ascii scene under new leadership
and with new talented members .. As you all know Blatz ran Fire!ascii
for almost a year until it was killed off when he left and nobody
took control of it. With Fire now under new leadership it was
decided that Fires ascii department wouldbe revived. That brings us
to this release..
If you do not know who I am yet, Ill briefly go over my group
history. My alias is Pariah and Ive been in Acid, Blade, Noname,
Rile, Soap Wicked ..
This month we recieved several applications to Fire!a and accepted
some and were forced to deny others. The members who currently make
up Fire!a are ..
1 Pariah -- That odd guy Pariah, weird guy i tell you. From
Eclipse/Soap. Draws anscii, or wholetype.
2 Empty -- Ex-head of CIAs ascii department, has a lot of talent
and stuck with the old Fire!a till the end.
3 Haji -- Was with me in Eclipse, I think you all know Haji and
his original asciis, a great asciist all around.
4 Risu -- Ex-Blade/Noname member. Another very creative ascii
5 The Emperor -- Ex-Vinyl artist. Was with Fire!a almost as long
as Blatz was and stuck with it to the very end. Another good asciist.
That does seem a little skimpy, but we had to let early applicants
Risc and Khoon go due to a quality purge. We here at Fire!a, unlike
several other group divisions/ascii groups have decided that quality
is in fact better than quantity and that we will enforce that rule
when regarding new applicants. However, we do look on improving the
size of our memberlist with the upcoming release.
Also, some special notices: Haji is the Fire!a quality advisor who
helps me decide on new applications and the such, The Emperor is the
Fire!a senior advisor who helps me with those questions that require
A lot of people seemed confused as to what WHOLEtype is and what its
relation to Fire!a is. WHOLEtype is the style of drawing ascii without
influence and with the number one ideal being originality.
WHOLEtypes relation to Fire!a is only to the extent that all Fire!a
members in now and those who join in the future must be original
artists. WHOLEtype is not a new genre of ascii, and Fire!a is not
a new genre of ascii department, we simply are all quality artists
who are producing art for the love of doing it which gives us
oppurtunities that other departments/groups cannot attain.
Although this was not as big as a release as I had planned. In the
next pack, look for more members, the Fire!a super joint combining
all artists and all their individual styles, some guest appearances
and, best of all, original art.
-- pariahFIREascii coordinator pariah@phoenix.ml.org
mHz -------,,,-----fIRE!aSCII -----,,,
Thanks to mHz for this masterful oldschool..
Fire!a is a division of FIREtm productions ***
So Pariahs out heres the God, hes among Lice, you dont mess with that ..
With all of the hub-bub going on with the rest of fire and all the
little details involved, I almost forgot that I ran a hirez division!
The hirez guys dont need me to tell them what to do, though, and the
team managed to pull out a great performance. Most notably, Fathom
is back to his releasing ways and graced us with his presence for our
march release.
Also this month, we welcome Flux to our band of merry wanderers.
er .. something like that. The two of us are planning to work
together to create some wicked photomanipulation using gasp
original photographs! I also plan to encourage our hirez members to
participate in more frequent collaborative projects of their own.
So .. go do it, guys.
Some news about fireweb: were getting a domain pretty soon, so
someday youll all be able to peck out http://www.fireweb.org and
be all impressed and stuff. You can currently access fireweb by
pointing your browser at http://patrio.net/panacea. Weve had a
facelift, so check it out.
Enjoy the art.
-- god among lice
The extremist blurts out from the crowd...
Things have been pretty slow since I took over PyroNet... Only got
some new nodes in, but hey, its only been 3 weeks. For those who
didnt get the pyronet pack number three, lets just say the the net
is back on-line and that I, The ExtremisT, am the current coordinator.
If you dont have or dont want to spend the money to poll LD, there
is something me and Silverthorn are working on: automated e-mail
transfers. Once the setup is made, you dont have to touch anything..
TransX takes your mail directly from your outbound dirs, mails it to
the right address, gets the packets that are waiting in your mailbox
but leaves the rest of your e-mail untouched and puts them back in
your inbound dirs. All you have to do is rescan your dirs and voil!
Pyronet for free. If you are interested, put your pointer on
http://www.multiboard.com/transx.html and download TransX and one of
the two versions of TxMAILER that suits you well DOS or Win95.
If you have problems installing the programs, e-mail me, I should
write up a quick installation doc with Silverthorn shortly or
whatever. Be sure to apply to pyronet to see if you are accepted
BEFORE installing TransX, tho. or just dont apply to pyronet,
install TransX and use it for your other nets! :
Check out pyro04.zip to apply to Pyronet and stuff.. Im sure you
are craving to write messages to people as nifty as us!@
lGiOcDe returns...
What a rush it is to put this pack together. It really is WAY more
exciting than sitting around and waiting until the chief mileti comes
popping out of nowhere to offer the pack. To be right in the thick of
things to be racing around, getting stuff organized into one cohesive
whole at 3am while knowing that you have an ill-prepared for exam the
next morning to have before you the who-knows-how-many hours worth
of time and effort spent by a bunch of kids whos only real goal is to
have some fun and draw together THAT is truly a unique experience
that I never really understood until now. Jesse: I dont know how you
could want to leave it, other than to give someone else a chance to
experience it, and for that I thank you.
God among Lice.