Fire Newsletter by Halaster/Donut Hole
Fire Newsletter by Halaster/Donut Hole
General -
As many of you already know, this is the last Fire pack that will
hit the boards for a long time. Fire is merging with the already-
strong ansi group, Mistigris, in an effort to ensure that the
talent contained within the group lives on and has the best
possible environment in which to flourish. In other words, itll
kick complete ass. Be sure to download the March Mist pack!
Personally, Id like to apologize to everyone for misspelling
holidays at least 10 times in the Fire christmas newsletter. i
got it right on the diz, but my brain musta fuqd in the infofile.
*shrug* Id also like to take this space to thank all of the
members of the group for sticking together for so long and for not
quitting, despite temptations to do so. Weve released 7 packs,
gentlemen, which is a lot more than many groups can claim. And
were also not dead, yet.. just changed.
Individual -
Wintermute has released his awesome term proggy: dialtone. Pick
up the latest beta on The Regency, or any of the other sites.
Talen is now Fire propaganda coord, or was.. Im not sure if Mist
needs one. :
Betrayer finally got listed in the infofile as westhq, although I
dont have the number and honestly dont care enough to look, since
the group is now dead. :
Donut Hole drew something.. nuff said.
Prisoner1 drew his first VGA, which rocks.
Epitaph made a strong return with a cool Flying Donuts ansi.. its
really nice to have one more EP fire ansi to add to the archive.
The Lite went crazy and drew 5+ rips for the pack, as well as
joining relic on the side.. the mans wacky.
Midget Farmer, not surprisingly, did nothing. :
Shrapnel quit and Silence just plain disappeared around pack time.
But then he came back! Look in da pack!
Killa Hertz, formerly of Lapse, joined the ranks at the very end..
I also let Crisis join for the fuck of it. He JUST started ansi,
as you can see from cr-snow1.ans : hahahahah
Thats about it, really. Enjoy the pack.
Later, folx! Its been fun.. .
HalasterFire Senior/Relic/Undergrown
Dusts himself, hey guys! Im Donut Hole, the other senior of Fire
who hardly does anything. Its amazing Im scribbling something for
this info file. I just want to thank all the great fans of Fire who
gave us some support to continue what we did, and also the members of
Fire who made this group what it is now. Its been great working with
Fire, and now I look forward working with MistigrisHi guys!. Until
then, see ya next time!
o Donut HoleFire!
Halaster sends greetz to the following -
Talen: j00 g0Tz d3ziR33.
Donut Hole: Its been nice running fire together.
Sir Freaksalot: Umm.. .. i like you. hahahhahahahahhahah!
Wintermute: You will NEVER beat me at Samurai Shodown 2.
Jello: Relic is getting kinda lame, man. spice things up. :
Matt: Er.. hi.
Relic People: Flood is backm and youre gonna be in trouble...
now we need Hunchback.
Eerie: Acid loozer. :
Cat: Acid loozer, but i cant wait to see what you whip up 4 me. :
P1: Thanks for losing me Union member board! Haha, jk.
Farb: Where are you?
Flood: Calm down about the magic cards. :
Ktulu: I demand a rematch, so i can win again.
Coolwhip: Sorry I woke you.
Silence: Hope I didnt ruin your chick!
Quran: Quincy Randolph.
FloodJihad: I greeted you. :
All the other Fire punks: Gbye!
All the guys in Mist: Hello!
Donut Hole sends greetz to the following -
Halaster: Thanks for running Fire for me. : Lets see what we can do
at Mist.
Shrapnel: If you ever DO read this, hey. : I talk to you everyday,
so I dont know why Im writing this.
Epitaph: Im gonna get some cake... :
Ktulu: Was Immortal Beloved worth driving 100 miles for? : Thanks
for the ride. :
Sir Freaksalot: Go home. :
Wintermute: Hope you like the diz...
prisonernumberone: Youve come a long way.. congratulations.
Necrophilicon: Ooops. Forgot to the group pic thingy. Actually, I
was too lazy to tell Halaster about it. Sorry. :
NH4OH: I need some Nitrates.
Memberz of Fire: Thanks for your generous contribution, guys.
preciate your help.
Mistigris: HERE WE COME!!