Fire Information File by Halaster/Donut Hole
Fire Information File by Halaster/Donut Hole
Senior Staffers
Donut Hole, Halaster
Ansi artists
Prisoner1, Epitaph, Silence,
Halaster, Donut Hole,
Pale, Killa Hertz, Crisis
Hi-rez fireworks
Sir Freaksalot, Wintermute
Agent Orange, Prisoner1
Maxwell, Vendetta, Wintermute,
Midget Farmer, Agent Orange
CoolWhip, Shaolin, The Lite,
Shrapnel, King Arthur,
Fire Affiliated Boards
The Flying Donuts 404578-8558 WHQ Donut Hole
Harvest Moon 216951-7059 USHQ Quran
The Regency 404668-0412 App HQ Halaster
Sarcastic Toaster 418849-0121 Can HQ Eerie
Evil Intentions DONTMA-TTER WestHQ Betrayer
Golgotha 616285-5545 Distro Destroyer
Mass Hysteria 203859-1669 Distro Zeus
Virtual Hell 916623-3726 Distro Charon
The Metaverse 404338-0742 Distro Macro Man
Enemy Unknown 415459-0262 Distro Magellan
Unseen Fate 408*SH-RUG* Member Pale
Dont bother calling anywhere for fire, cuz were
gone.. .. *sniff* You can call The Regency or The
Screaming Tomato for information about Mistigris,
the group that fire has merged into. It should kick
even more ass than we used to. : BTW, all Fire
sites and hqs are not being carried over as mist!!
this list represents the final incarnation of the ansi group, fire. created in
july of 1994 by donut hole, vendetta and vagrant. merged into mistigris after
the february 1995 pack. 7 fire packs are available for download.