regency '95 by filth
regency '95 by filth
fil67 i i i i HI XER0!@!@! gAH!@ aNSI! . b7 . 95 t h e r e g e n c y AOAGG8.OAiR sys0p: halaster c0sysz: talen crisis wintermute AGORAnet ESSENCEnet ESCAPEnet KiTSCHnet TWiNGLEnet m0p ehq ACiD member FiRE whq BSLAP whq undergrown member MiST ushq DiALTONE whq HOARD distro PARANOiA distro STAFF distro
this OG gitdown brought to you by filth of bL0CKtRONiCS
with parameters found in file HAL-HOW2.ANS fire0895
Halshade!c: how to draw the halaster way.
by halaster of FiRE * 1995
b0nus greet: halaster - f0URoNEtW0xPGH RPRZNT!@