NATiON by filth
NATiON by filth
dam the river, bury me, and let the water flow
- immortal technique
fil b7 .
animal, asian knight, azrael, blade, cyber-christ, cyber-tike
cyber x, cynic cypher, death karnage, deeply disturbed, desolated-
dream, the depredator, dreadnought, dragon rider, eternal lie
final descendant, fizban, forlorn extender, grave digga, greatful-
dead, handyman, the immortal, indigestion, kamikazee, killer
leonard0, lord ash, lord vice, maestro, mr. man, mr. sinister
magnetic m, marshmallow hex, the masked pirate, mindcrime, omega-
redd, prince of death, red leader, replay, riptide, skyhigh, smooz
sociopath, spirit of illusion, suicidal maniac, swami, tranquility
vandal, vanquish, vector, veritech, village idiot, white noise
young, zepplin, zero option
Himself a man of boundless energy,
he terrorized waverers with the rigours of an iron discipline.
Julius Caeser on Vercingetorex
Gallic War VII.1ff
throwback waddups to: azrael, deeply disturbed, and maestro.
bonus throwback group greets: TWiLiGHT and LEGiON
two awesome groups, six terrible movies!
100 ancient original boogie by filth of fIREtR0NiCS MMXXI AD