b7 promo! sometimes, just for kicks, i like to do weird
little promo stunts to post on facebook about an upcoming Blocktronics
release typically revolving around that particular packs theme. So, in
this case, the blockalypse pack.
why this? GLAD YOU ASKED, YO.
the pack was called the blockalypse so thats supposed to look like
the Marvel Comics character, Apocalypse.
the name Apocalypse was also used as a board name named the same name.
the Apocalypse BBS was system operated by the man himself, Napalm of
the CiA crew.
Years later, Napalm would go on to design the Android for the Samsung
Android. As in, yeah, thats him who did that.
not just that, but all types of figurine goodness you should totally
check out: http://www.creaturesinmyhead.com/
andy, if youre out there, you are awesome at doing awesome things!