Fredrik Olsson
10/04/80 - 17/10/14
This is Fredriks last known ansi. It was meant to be a joint between Ivan and
Fredrick but i have decided to release it untouched as Fredrick has left it.
The idea of this ansi was brainstormed prior to starting it, so i can tell you
where its origins started..
One night me and Fredrik were talking and we were discussing how awesome it is
that we have one ansi group that unites people of different nationalities, and
cultures, we discussed how great it is that even though we have never
physically met eachother, that ansi has created a bond that nobody
outside the realm of here could possibly understand.
We started making jokes of eachothers nationalites, me being an australian
talking about kangaroos, koalas, the typical australian stereotypes, i also
made fun of things like ikea, surstromming if you dont know what that is
youtube it he was suprised that i knew about surstromming, and after we spoke
about how great it is that we are united by one group with one rare artform we
decided that we should do a joint where he draws his idea of Australia being
as stereotypical as possible and i would do the same with Sweden and then we
would work over eachothers work untill it blended well.. This was his part
ansi is great art we just have to fill it with life. this is what he said in
one of our long late night chats.. its something that i will never forget
its something we should never forget, most importantly id like to stress that knowing Fredrik i would be pretty certain that he applied that in all areas in
his life. He was an explorer, and gathered inspiration from all of lifes
surroundings, he would be on holidays and completely absorb himself in that
moment, a true artist, innovator and looked at things in ways that could only
be seen as inspirational and enlightening..
We should all take a life lesson from him and try to fill our lives with life
in all aspects.
You will be truly missed brother, and as much as this hurts writing this i
hope you find peace in heaven, i hope theres a bug free pablodraw for you
up there.
See you one day brother - Ivan Segaric.