No BLOCKTRONICS 1980, THE ARTPACK DESINFORMATION FILE MAY 15 2014 YEAAAH! We are back, dude! Back in time, you know? Weve just landed in the 80s and we know you have been there manytimes, just like we know you are dude. Thats right, we are back intime and we are fucking smart. Bad to the bone BLOCKTRONICS, thefantabulous crew is here to please you once again.We made this special retro-back-to-the-past-rewind 1980 artpackbecause the 80s ruled and made us the poor-geek-selfish-videogame-nerds-mothafuckers we are now, except for The Creep Fever...hes more like a killer-cyborg-sent-from-hell-who-fell-in-love-with-some-scene-girl-that-takes-photos-of-herself-with-wires-attached -to-her-body-but-we-are-not-saying-her-name-because-we-respect-their-privacy. All the artwork released in this pack was produced by 200 vietnamesekids named GUAN, GUEN and GUIN, held captive at Honolulu by our very loyal member mattmatthew, but we are not mentioning his real name because seems like kid slavery is illegal in Hawaii...Crazy, right? Just in case you are thinking: HEY, YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL, MOTHERFUCKERS!We are not, dude. We have RaD Man and you never go to jail when you have RaD MaN, period. The only bad thing that can happen to you when you have RaD MaN is your phone bill coming in a box, so keep him awayfrom your phone...and from your wife too, because theres a good chancehe will get her pregnant, but thats not bad at all, because you willhave a RaD Kid calling you DAD! I KNOW, I KNOW! YOU WOULD LOVE IT, BUTwe are not giving you RaD Man...I mean, maybe, if you can pay 9,598,990,874,283,023,123 bitcoins. Please send your offers and make sure to include your naked pictures. So like we were saying...1980 has a special meaning to all of us, butfor Avenging Angel, one of the greatest textmode artists of Bulgaria,it was the last time he had sex, so this pack is also dedicated tohis last sexual intercourse that happened 34 years ago and only lasted 5 seconds. We love you avg! Remember, masturbation is always the answer,because you wont find another blind 92 years goat to fuck with again. We could go on and write more about our sexual adventures with goats,vietcongs and cyborgs but weknow you are anxious to check all the pure mexican artwork weve created to celebrate the best decade ever. Yours sincerely, enz lek lek lek lek
ANSi by enzO Font by Noches