moebius by alphaking & burps
moebius by alphaking & burps
It all started in 1986 when Ian Davis was frustrated with ANSI draw. He
released The Draw to fulfill a need he had to layout text screens for
applications. As ANSI drawing tools evolved we got aciddraw, icedraw,
ciadraw, tundradraw, and a slew of others from nearly every major art
group operating. Once the dust settled one editor remained for the long
haul, Pablodraw by Eto. And now we are pleased to introduce to the scene
the latest editor, Moebius.
Why a new editor?
Pablodraw remains an excellent drawing editor for textmode art. However,
Pablodraw was designed to facilitate drawing ansi art much in the same
way traditional editors work. Moebius takes an approach of providing
artists with a tool that closer resembles Adobe Illustrator or
Procreate. Tools provided include the ability to draw with brushes such
as the half-block brush and the paint bucket tool for rapidly coloring
in sketches.
Additionally, Moebius was written in Electron which provides a single
codebase for working on multiple operating systems including Windows,
macOS, and Linux.
You will also find a shared server feature based on websockets. While
working on a shared server you can chat with other artists while their
cursor position is shown on the screen. You can even link to lines in
chat and quickly skip to it.
Awesome! Who is responsible for this?
Moebius is the work of Andy Herbert. You should send him whiskey and
Where does the name Moebius come from?
Jean Henri Gaston Giraud. Go check out his art, its dope af.
So how do I get it?
Point your browser of choice at
I have an idea for a feature I would like to see. How do I request a
my idea be included?
If you have an idea or find a bug please submit a new issue on the
Github issue tracker:
Please understand that not all requests will be addressed. Many of the
design decisions in the application have been made for a reason and
some suggestions may simply not be possible to include.
When reporting a bug be sure to include information on how to replicate
the issue you are experiencing to include your operating system and if
possible the file you are working.