Blender 2022B infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Blender 2022B infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
warpus it seems pointless announcing the rules and regulations but what the
t h e e r
the blender minces
s h i f t i n g i n t o g e a r
and hey its 2pm!
is anybody else here? :P
MateoC hey
n00b423 hello
does already started?
warpus cthulu is delayed, but he is still at least a half an hour away. so
we will begin without him
* Skrubly has joined blender
Skrubly hey everyone sorry Im late
dude, late? the last artpack you submitted to was in august of 1998!
* MrR0b070 has joined blender
MrR0b070 Hello gentlemen!
warpus mr roboto!
MrR0b070 I connected in my sister house to see you guys, hope to jump in
tonight or at least tomorrow morning
warpus now thats dedication!
my sister would never allow that
MrR0b070 hahahahaha
warpus shes ruthless
jk shes quite nice
a t o p i c a l t r e a t m e n t
warpus i believe cthulu is now making his way towards the blender exhibition
grounds! although he is currently embedded in a secure cone of
silence so its impossible to contact him. word on the street is that
is on HIS WAY
what I need from you is one SUBJECT, one ACTIVITY, and one LOCATION
send in your words via private message NOW
warpus Im going to roll a joint while youre thinking and once I spark up
Ill move on to word selection
that seems as good way to time this as any
hmderdoc sounds like a good idea
warpus the ceremonial joint has been rolled. Ill give yall 2 more minutes
to submit any last minute words
Skrubly ahhh panic sets in
desperately thinking
warpus I have now collected all the words. Give me a sec while I start up
the word selection machine and pull things out of a hat!
the subject we will be drawing our attention to this time are..
hmderdoc scary
warpus and what will the clowns be doing, other than scaring suburban
housewives and little children? they will be INVESTIGATING
MrR0b070 omg this is terrible
warpus hey you havent heard the best part yet!
these investigative clowns will be doing all this in a FILM NOIR
* warpus changes topic to CLOWNS / INVESTIGATING / FILM NOIR
* CthMist has joined blender
CthMist OK OK, what did I miss
CthMist is it too late to suggest words?
can I send in my submission yet?
warpus you missed it by like 15 seconds
timed perfectly
CthMist the topic had better not be cthulus mama again
warpus i have just literally announced CLOWNS / INVESTIGATING / FILM NOIR
CthMist ok, not clowns investigating my mama
Im satisfied
wouldnt want to relive that trauma yet again
sIMONkING who makes up these words?
CthMist a room of trained monkeys
warpus you, the audience!
CthMist ehh, same difference
warpus theres at least 2 otters
t h e r e s u l t s . . .
warpus i assume we have all the entries by now, if not forever hold your
peace, or uhm you may now kiss the bride
CthMist we have our judging hats on
the spreadsheet is open
were rolling dice
Skrubly huzzah!
MrR0b070 kpowwwwhhhhh
CthMist strong contenders!
they were weird words but the contributors rose to the occasion
MrR0b070 I never drew a clown in my life before Blender
CthMist all right, I have to be on the road in 4 minutes so Id better
start announcing winners
such a slate of strong work
we have a bunch of special recognition distinctions to give,
pieces that would have placed if there werent so many strong
contenders this time around
thanks to all the first-timers
great work, great attempts at a tricky topic, solid entries from
simonking, jab, darkman almighty, and ignoramus
please come back next time and blend again
with work as strong as yours, very good chances you would place
next time, incidentally, is the weekend of july 23-24
in THIRD PLACE, winning one point for BLOCKTRONICS...
the amazing FILTH!
when does filth ever win third place? I told you the entries
were strong
MrR0b070 **applausse**
CthMist warpus, do you want to announce second?
I just ... I gotta run
MrR0b070 congratulations, filth!!!
Im going to assume Mistigris takes the point
because no other group features lit!
he was a Blender monster in the 90s and apparently he still is:
ok, Warpus, I leave you the announcement of the foregone
conclusion of 1st place.
MrR0b070 go Skrub go!!!
CthMist Thanks everyone!
* CthMist is now known as Cthaway
MrR0b070 Godspeed Cthulhu!!!
So many participants this Blender
warpus im in a different time zone today so a bit out of whack with the
out of whack is an interesting way of describing what elapses next, an
unprecedented event in Blender history: Warpus is already caught in a quiet
netsplit of some sort, and from the perspective of the home viewers,
inexplicably goes quiet, just as soon as Cthulu disappears, and keeps the
channel in suspense for the next 45 minutes without announcing the first-place
winner. We love maintaining the IRC tradition, but you just dont get glitches
like that anymore unless youre vote-counting in Florida.
MrR0b070 hola Checo!
checs buenas! hi all again
MrR0b070 3rd and 2nd place announced
waiting for the first place
Skrubly whups Im back lol
MrR0b070 congrats, mate!
Skrubly Thank you!! :-D
* Cthaway is now known as Cthback
Cthback sorry, it took me 20 mins to drop my kids off at their piano
lesson and 20 more to get back
did warpus really never announce first place?
of course its Mister Roboto
putting his three points behind Blocktronics
an incredible Blender end to end
thanks again to all of the participants
especially all the first-timers
MrR0b070 Thank you!
Cthback I dont know what happened there after I rushed out
MrR0b070 not much hahahaha
Cant wait to see the other entries!
Cthback it will be a Blender to be reckoned with, for sure
Skrubly, hats off for your incredible feat of featuring a parent
and their child participating in the same compo! I like to see
artscene traditions carry on and this is an amazing demonstration
of how its done
so please give minoomah our regards and thanks for taking part
again, next Blender is scheduled for July 23-24
Well see you all then if not sooner!
Congrats to our winners Filth, SKrubly and Mister Roboto!
// BACK ON JULY 23-24
Skrubly Thank you, this was awesome! :-D
Cthback Youre just taking my word for it... when you see the Blender
pack, youll know Im speaking the truth 8
jab Thanks for the fun compo!
Having art from sceners kids is a rising trend, weve seen that a few
times in the c64 scene lately
i n s h o r t . . .
If I could have found an easy way to squeeze in more of the IRC chat logs here,
I would have. They were a vital form of documentation in the computer artscene
underground in the 90s, capturing the freewheeling spontaneity and camaraderie
as opposed to the potted propaganda of official announcements from house
organs, but they also require quite a bit of editing in order to skim the cream
from gallons of weak milk, and everyone has been waiting very patiently for me
to get this all up. So since the art, and not the chat log, is the intended
content, I had to throw it under the bus. I like to lean on it to give you the
you were here feeling, living Blender weekend alongside us, but I also waited
16 years to release Blender results to my satisfaction, so ... if only there
was a middle ground!
The art was great this time, so much great art from so many first-time Blender
participants and of course top notch work from the regulars also -- I was
feeling going in that the compo had been underpromoted, but we enjoyed strong
participation and I cant help but feel that the great topics contributed in a
major way -- mfs wrote in to note that this was one of the all-time great
Blender assignments, and he would know!
An incredible return to form from Skrubly for the first time in the 21st
century! You may feel that Filth was robbed by a handful of wretched words,
but if you still feel the same way after reading through his note-perfect
pastiche, we will have to respectfully disagree. Blender never was and never
will be an ANSI-exclusive competition. If youd like to see ANSI art only up
against similar works in the same medium, Id love to extend any help or advice
I can offer in setting up and administering such a contest. Best advice:
dont leave the infofiles to me.
Hats off to Skrubly for dragging his creative offspring into the Blender in his
wake also, absolutely wild that this would someday be an intergenerational
compo. Skrub shared many funny anecdotes and observations about the aging
nature of the average artscene participant and I had to cut it all, but grand
to see the traditions being passed along.
Ranking-wise, a past scoring error was corrected that gave Blocktronics a bump
and Lazarus a little hit. 67 was always a slow start where Blender is
concerned, but now there is nothing between it and Mistigris historical 1st
place in the standings but the passage of time. At least, unless Mist can
lure bryface back to compete in tandem with Skrubly, as foretold in last
compos infofile! Well see how it goes in July!
s o l o n g a n d t h a n k s
if there ever is another blender, it will most likely be held:
if not sooner!
saturday, july 23rd - sunday, july 24th, 2022
2:00pm - 2:00pm est
blender on EFnet
please join us. - hennifer
CthMist oh whoops, this was the public IRC channel, not the private msg
window! good thing I didnt include the customary racy polish
kielbasa selfie