Wise Words by The Night Angel
Wise Words by The Night Angel
wise words from the
night angel
- my
scene reflexion -
s you probably realized, the previous months have
been terrible for me, considering i was getting
less active every day in the scene, mostly beca
of college, but also because i was
pretty much
dedicating my free time
to graff, but last tuesday
nov 25th, i was
in my french class and we were
talking about french litterature and stuff
that. i was thinking
about all this and realized
that these guys were pretty lucky to a
ctually be
able to write stuf
f and show it to everyone. then,
in my art history class today nov 2
8th, we were
talking about painters. i also reali
zed how lucky
they were to be able to do art and show it to the
e world. so as i was coming back home, i was
thinking about h
ow to do stuff and release it to
have the feeling o
f creating something and showing
it to ever
yone. then, i realized how stupid i had
been cauz ive had thi
s opportunity for 2 years
a half now: i was able t
o draw ansis and release
em in awe and
let all the scene see my work.. .
Thats about it for now.
I mightve something else next
month, but I wouldnt count on it
if I were you. :
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