"Foreign Fifty-one."        (guest) by Nitnatsnoc / Cthulu
"Foreign Fifty-one." (guest) by Nitnatsnoc / Cthulu
Foreign fifty-one.
Excuse me?
Foreign 51.
Im sorry, I still dont understand what y..
Four, n, 51.
Look, pal, Im bu..
Wait a minute..
Ahh.. I understand.
a v e n g e
a v e n g e
a v e n g e
It isnt there for you to see
until such time as it can cause
the most despair. Intractably
it tears and climbs with unseen claws.
The change is clear - your hairs begin
to stick out straight with it around,
its presence near. A warning thin
dont hesitate. Flee underground.
Great swathes of it are stripped away
as black. Before a cloth of night
youll soon admit that in the day
you fear, but more without a light.
The poems conceit: my self-esteem
is like a tiger whereupon
Id hate to meet it in a dream.
Like a tiger: nearly g o n e.
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