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avenge newsletter January 1999!
ZeusII - A year gone by
A year has past.. 12 months of Avenge. During the year, artists have
left and joined, rumors have come and gone.. theyve either
strengthened or weakened the group. But most important of all, Avenge
has remained. Why? Because of our strong foundation and dedication
to our group. I think this is the best time Ive ever had with any
group, and I never intend to quit on it. And I think i speak for most
of our members and staff. I know creator thinks the same.
In the beginning we decided to make this group basic,
a group that releases ansi with top notch artists and sticks with
its principles. No fancy stuff about travelling deeper into the
medium or anything like that.. Were an ansi group, and were
proud of it. Big shouts to all the members, and anyone who ever
doodled for us.
Anyways, one cant forget to mention our other divisions:
coding, with skaboy, and Digital Terrorists led by Spot, have shown
enormous dedication to this group aswell. Just look at what theyve
achieved. The coding and web division have been one of the major
keys in helping Avenge establish itself so well, and so quickly.
In 1999 we will keep on drawing amazing ansis, coding awesome
utilities and improving our website until we either drop dead or
our fingers just plain fall off due to excessive keyboard usage.
Well, you all have a happy new year now, and enjoy the pack!
Development Team - the news
Okay.. good news and bad news
The good news is Templar is back and ready to kick some ass on the DT
The bad news is that Spot and myself have both had a nasty case of Real
Life gasp creeping in and getting in the way of our scene duties.
I recently had someone close to me die.. sooo.. that kinda cramped my
scene style and work output.. as well as my usual real life sparkling
Spots girlfriend is having some difficulties and he really needs to
take care of her. Pressing real life matters.
SooooOOOooo what does this all mean? It means that xxi is delayed..
hopefully not for long. Its 99 my fault since I jusst really dropped
the ball on things.. even though it wasnt the professional thing to do..
I had to take care of real life business.
Ill be sending out an email update as soon as i figure out a new
schedule.. work and scene both.. and figure out how long itll take me
to catch up after my week of absense from the planet.
Digital Terrorists
note from spot: it wasnt all his fault
Creator - holy sheeeit!
I cant believe how fast this year went by. Avenge has proven to the
world that we will not fade away. We will exsist till every last one ofs
us dies. It was a great year, a record year for the ansi scene since
the peak year of 1995. Old artists are rejoining the scene, groups are
growing stronger and theres more effort to produce ansi and many other
scene artistic formes.
I want to thank every Avenge member who is with us now and any avenge
member who has been with us in the past. You all helped make this year
a kick ass year! and for that i think you rule!
This month we pick up a few legends of there time. Azrael joins our
cult in search for the scene he once remembered aswell as argon and
the godly kiomatsuformerly milkmang. They all show me the inspiration
I once remembered in teh scene way back when,and i feel it will be
a incredible contribution to our cult :....
On another note.. Avenge Gear has been delayed due to the fact that
so much has happened the past month. We have a new domain and I insist
that we have our web address on the shirts so the design is being
altered slightly. Sorry, but when it comes out you will want it!
There is a rumor of avenge merging into acids ansi division. NOT
this rumor came from i hope you choke on it and die....
Empathy was not included in the pack like promised, but this is
for your own good. I fealt in order to release a well done editor
I didnt wanna take the chance of rushing anything so i delayed it a
few hours. 4-5 to be exact. So dont fret. You can get it off our web
site or from any avengeCult member.
Its been a great year and lets make 1999 the ultimate!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! thets make our resolutions to make 1999 the
year of all time!!!!!!!