Distro Cites -
Well.. we tryed to tell people that we dont want any, but like with every
other group they didnt listen. Below is our Dist Cite Policy :
1. Anyone who wants to be an AiM Dist cite - IS AN AiM DIST CITE!
You dont even have to tell us!!! Just stick AiM Dist Cite on your BBS
ansi and go onto step 2.
2. If you want your name to appear in each AiM Pak you have to do the following
Email us at and say this :
3. Thats it! And if you want you can make a place on your BBS for our paks :
gotit? GOOD!!
Members -
The member issue is very sensative... After we tried to recruit some memebers
earlier it didnt work out because of our views that this scene is a hobby and
not a life! If you are willing to draw maybe 1 pic a month or more, and a cool
person who doesnt care about status in the scene then email us on the net at
aim@primenet.comi said this address like fucking 20 time already!!!
We only want ANSI artists, no VGA, no RIP!, no fucking renegade color codes!!
To contribute to our monthly AiM LiT MiNi MaG elite name eh? just email us
with your text and well included it with no questions asked, you will also be
added to the Member List
Using our ansis in Bulleting Boards -
Unless the ansi is a stat screen or a menu, we dont REALY want you to use them
If you let the artist know then its ok, BUT if you dont then you are LAME and
your board is shit.. and if we find out we will make sure we let EVERYONE know
about that.. Taking the time to email us and letting us know that our work is
enjoyed is not too rough...