09/95 iNFo PHiLE by AiM Staff
09/95 iNFo PHiLE by AiM Staff
sT! AiM ShIt InFo FiLe : 09/95 Lines : 170
DiSCo 1995-95 Damnit Buthead! We are never gona score! ReST iN SHiT Is it possible to be so lame that you are actualy cool? Well it seems that an ansi group appeared on the scene that actualy became so horibly lame that you just have to stand up and say Damnit Beavis.. These Guys are cool!! Well.. this group is Disco or maybe I should just say WAS Disco because We AiM Killed them.. Its true people will argue that we had nothing to do with their death.. But from what Cash himself told us it was AiM alone that brought down the legend of a group or the legend of a piece of shit. Here is our line of reasoningjust follow the line Its obvious to every Disco memberand them alone that the artists in Disco were the very damn best the ansi scene has to offer, so why would a group die with such godly tallent?! Surely its imposible to supose that such a great leader as Cash made a wrong move? And of course the thought that Disco sux big old dick never crossed MY mind.. so the only possible reason for their death could be.. well.. Us.. we did it and we take full credit! Also we would like to congradulate Jim Luc for having over 10 Texts writen about them.. to be honest we were trying for 20, but it seems for the first time in his young life mistawho got laid and due to the trauma of being tottaly alone durring his first intemate encounter he wasnt able to fish AiM-GAY2, JIM-FAG, JIM-LUC and LUC-SUX text files. In other news we would like to extend a worm greeting to a new group on the scene. Anemia.. or as we at AiM like to call them - Anima - yep MistaWho and EssBee created another Disco clone.. And i tell ya.. this group ROCKS! I saw their pack and the only word to escape my gapping mouth was.. Wow.. Followed by This then SUX and a few !!!!! along with the pizza I ate last nite. Speaking of Leftovers and tossed cookies we would like to say that we now reached the 1 spot of the most hated group. At least thats what cash claims.. But it seems that this fact is way overexadurated because except for our own members , ppl seem to like us and our attitude.. well.. we would like to thank all you who supported us, but esp these elite groups : iCE/SPASTIC/MOTIONr.i.p/GRIP/CIA/ACiD/FIRE/BLEACH/DARK/SAGA/WARNER Anywayz.. We also would like to say that we have been plagues by reqests and unless you use the Request Generator you can kiss our asses for an ansi.. Also this month we have a ton of member newz : Dagon left AiM to join GRiP, we wish him luck and we hope to see him get better and make Grip proud. Returning to AiM is our old dickhead Lord Redder, who is now drunk as fuck and ready to roll.. We send LR fuck yous from the whole damn group.. And hope to see him stoned with us for a long time. Threshold who seems to have become an unknown hero of AiM and has recived more requests then any other member put out a ton of art for this pack.. They all have his wacko-looks-cool-in-vga-mode shading but we promice that will soon change as he gets lessons from Lord Drakul Jim - our fearless and brainded coleader has put out a ton of logos something we did not expect.. He also suffers from some deadly decease as he himself is writing this file yet refese to himself in 3rd person. He actualy made a pic, but Luc kicked his assALOT and didnt allow it in the pack.. BUT it will be featured in the AIM pack next month once all the disco rags are cleaned out of it the whole million. Jigoku the super elite Music guy was left of the member list last month.. We would like to apologize for this lame mistake.. Jugoku is part of the AiM team and tho his school work has slowed him down our faces will always light up in delight when he turns in another awsome song.. Negative Creep was released from the group after we saw that his logos were tottal crap! On the other hand we pickedup a new Logo Maniac going by the handle of 008.. Yes it does say 0-0-8! now shutup! Also last pack you may have noticed that a member by the handle of EMCEE riped an ansi from BoaiCE, We apologize to BoA, but EMCEE was not kicked out of AiM, He is a friend of many members of the group, and you dont Kick Out a friend who you have known for years.. EMCEE chose to leave the group for the benefit of AiM, but he is still a friend and i hope people dont think he was kicked out, because doing that would be lamer then Riping the whole fucking ice pack. Please let it also be known that there never was or never will be a aim on the internet. Please dont bother taking over the channel, or sitting in it waiting for someone from aim to show up. It wont happen. Suicide CrewOur Official Courier Group is doing well, Check out SC.NFO for the latest group information and member list. About BongsBng suicide.. Its a rumours.. He was in boston when ppl started mourning his death, and when he came back he took this aportunity to enjoy some quite time.. He also droped the handle Bng and now goes simply by the name Jim. Read the Bong Residue Isuue 0 for more info! Last month a desicion was made to release pack every month and i guess we pulled of two packs in a row a record for aim btw but it seems that with the school year starting and with Both Luc and Jim going of to collage aim may find itself looking for new group seniors. At the moment the group is being handled by Jim, but within a few weeks a new leader will take controll of the group.. No that leader will not be MistaWho! : Art in Madness Members are : 1 Jim : Senior Asshole, Drinks, Smokes.. 2 Luc : Senior Asshole, Ansi God, Smokes The Green Shit.. 3 Pharcyde : Ansi God, Vga Elito.. 4 Lord Drakul : Ansi God, His Parents are gona kill him cause of car : 5 Omega Red : Ansi God, LD to me.. so duno if he drinks or smokes.. 6 Vortex : Vga God, Doesnt Smoke but he RULLZ at Vga so he rox.. 7 Cyberjobe : Vga Elito.. Seems to smoke a little green stuff 8 Sexecutioner : Vga Elito, Smokes da green leaf of life.. 9 Threshold : Ansi Elito, doesnt smoke but has elite cakes! 10 Jackyl : Vga Elito, Smokes WAY to much Greenshit! Drinks Beer! 11 Sherlock Ohms : Courier Coord, BBS Moding, Ale is da shit! 12 Homicide : Ansi Elite, Drinks Beer, Burns Green Leaf.. 13 Dervish-D : He lives to far for me to drink and smoke out with him..14 Speedy : Vga Elito, I duno.. i think he drinks beer and stuff.. 15 Felix : Ansi Elito, Shizam Bizitch.. 16 Facsimile : Ansi Elito, AA Member.. 17 Stalker : Ansi, Smokes and Drings too much.. 18 nme- : I have NO idead : but he is a cool guy.. and smokes.. 19 Lord Redder : Lit Elito, Drinks.. ALOT..
20 Jigoku : Music God.. A damn nice guy overall tho no green weed..
Color of Handle shows Member Activity! People in Dark Gray will be kicked out next month unless I see work! People in negative colors are demented.. for that matter EVERY member of AiM is in negative colors.. - Art in Madness Boards are - - BBS NAME - - Number - - N - Position - - Staff - 1 The Final Hour 1-818-773-XXXX 3 AiM WHQ LPrime/Luc 2 State of Euphoria 1-800-XXX-XXXX 9 AiM US HQ Duno :D 3 The Crimson Waters 1-613-736-5344 1 AiM CANADA HQ Fractal 4 Organized Kaos 1-612-XXX-XXXX 1 AiM AUSTRALIA HQ Kaos 5 AiM GERMANY HQ Blade 6 Alef BBS +1-TOO-LD-4-U! 2 AiM RUSSION HQ Siver 7 The Twilight Zone 1-972-4-9837XX 2 AiM ISRAEL HQ Dagon 8 Scotland Yard 1-213-874-XXXX 4 AiM COURIER HQ Sherlock Ohms 9 Last Resort +1-TOO-LD-4-U! 2 AiM FRANCE HQ XyZ 10 The Outland 1-213-227-4081 1 MEMBER BOARD Sexecutioner 11 Sanction Warpath 1-714-892-6081 2 MEMBER BOARD Homicide 12 Marvel Presents 1-319-326-2857 3 DISTRO CITE Punisher 13 BladeStorm 1-310-573-0224 2 DISTRO CITE DarkSider 15 Black Rain 1-510-829-8303 1 DISTRO CITE Goldsmith 16 Nuclear Holocaust 1-405-720-7937 1 DISTRO CITE Grifter 17 Eternal Enigma 1-719-573-5873 1 DISTRO CITE I duno : 18 The Void 1-516-PRI-VATE 2 DISTRO CITE Hellbent 19 Brand Echh 1-908-856-6670 1 DISTRO CITE Epidemic/Cid. 20 Phallic Paradise 1-801-944-7353 1 DISTRO CITE I forget The Coloseum was droped as a cite since Nero was raging on AiM. We expect our sysops to be loyal to the group.. nfo : Jimaim logo : Stalkeraim - See you next month!
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