Merge Info by AiM Staff
Merge Info by AiM Staff
.oO Facts about the suposed merge with devotion Oo.
It seems that rumours are flying around about the AiM merging
with the above named groups. Its not that we care, but these
rumours bother alot of AiM members who want AiM to stay the way
it is now, and belive that it was unfair for USthe Seniors of
AiM to try to merge without thinking of that fact. Here are the
Facts as far as we know an understand them :
x AiM never merged with MOTION, a merge was offered bye luc and jim
but we never went through it since we wanted to keep the name AiM and
Motion wanted to keep the name Motion, There was a possibility that we
could have resolved this but the fact that SuperDave was a member of
of Motion fuckedup the merger all togethere. Also we never tried to
steal members of motion to AiM, and only one of their members was
aproachedcable because we thought that with his attitude twords the
scene He would fit into aim very nicely. Also Luc is not a member of
Motion and the same goes for Jim. The End.
x This gets Complicated
AiM NEVER merged with Devotion. It was not until yesterday
that we learned all the facts about this bullshit and we would
like to make them clear to the public so that this kind of
idiotic crap will never happen. We are not trying to put the
blame on Soul Survivor, but it seems that out of this whole
merge mess we are nearly in a fight with Motion, and AiM is loosing
controll of its own local members! Alot of people have a reason
to be pissed at sS but still more are raging on him for no reason.
Here are the facts as WE see them, if you think we are wrong please tell
us because our info comes from what we ourselves found out along with
a few hints from Shroom, Ss and a few others..
About a month ago I was in channel motion when some guy
SuperDave started ragin on me The result was Lc-Fucj.ans
after I realized that he was a member of Motion i yelled at everyone
that i Quit because if their members have attitudes like that
I dont want any part of that group. As I quit and went back to Channel
aim, Soul Survivorssurv and DagonAiM/MoTiON joined me and said that
they also quit Motion for the same reason and wanted to join
AiM. I gladly accepted both of them and life was cool for about.. well..
25 minutes.. Then the next time i loged onto IRC i found that
Soul Survivor quit AiM and created a new group called DEVOTION
He said that people from all over were joing including those from iCE/ACiD
UNION/MOTION/DARK and AiM. The fact that AiM members were joining
alarmed me because all aim members are loyal to the group, but except
for that i was happy that Soul Survivors group is getting such a great
start, If such people as AZRAEK, SPIDD, VISIGOTH, and SMOOTH were
joining Devotion they should have no problems with their first pack..
About a week laster however a merge was proposed and we agreeded to
keep the name AiM, and to make a biger and better group. This seemed great
and i talked it over with the seniors of AiM and we all agreed.
Again I was happy and everything was cool, this eliteness however
lasted less then a day when i found out that Soul Survivor broke
the merger off, the reason for this is not clear because i heard
that it was a Because we didnt want to have an app gen in our packs
b Disco hates us or even c Ssurv was banned from ice DONT ask
me what the fuck thats all about then again I said that its ok
and good luck to devotion on its own. Then in about 2 days we merged
again, this time I had a full member list of AiM MembersAround 45
along with Dist Cites and possitions, even had a few pix for the Pack!
It seemed that the drama was over and we could get back to Art
but when i joined aim the next day I saw a topic screaming that all
exDevotion members are to go back to DEVOTION and the merger was No
More.. Along was ssurb offering a file called DEVONEWS.ZIP included
Knowing what happen the last 2 times we tried to merge i didnt care much
about this latest Breakup and went to find Lord Drakul to try and
beg him for a logo, Once i found LD i was surprised to hear that Soul
Survivor wanted him to Quit aim and join Devotion.. This REALY pissed me
off because this was TOTTALY unfair and backstabing.. I told SS that
I want nothing to do with Devotion and no help would be offered by me
or other Members of AiM, we were not trying to start a war, but wanted
it clear that what he did sucked.. Then 1 day later i found out that Devo is
Dead!, every member of Devotion left sorta groupless, Sould survivor
Himself left to Spastic after he was rurned down by AiM, Disco and Dark
Now about 4 days ago while chatting with Shr00m now of TekLordz an ex
Devotion Member I found out that rumours are spreading of Soul Survivors
new art group. If this is true or not is still unclear but I think everyone
should know what happen.
The last statement on why Devotion died came form Ssoul himself and was : cuz people put on a bot 24hrs/7days and just got
sick of it..alot of the members went to gonna be ss so dont
matter...just got tired of it.and my gf is gonna have a baby so dont have
time anymore..
x We are not trying to insult of as MistaWho so nicely put for us
SLAM Soul Survivor, Devotion or any ex Devotion Members,
but due to Devotion our relations with motion have been fucked up,
alot of our members are ticked of and we will most likely never talk
talk to anyone about mergers ever again. Also the fact remains that in
order to cover up the fuckup with the merge alot of people are blaming
it on the fact that AiM wasnt willing to Bend and make sacrifices
This is true, because we like AiM the way it is and didnt give a flying
fuck, it would have been cool to get the members, but thats about it..
Once again we thank our undercover reporter and slightly stoned friend
Shroom for this latebreaking news!
The rumours about Soul Survivors Group is true, the name is Warner Studios..
Oh well, good luck to ss on WS, but we hope that this time there wont
be any mergers :D
Have a nice fucking day - Jim
Below is extracted file : DEVONEWS.ZIP - enjoy!
Devotion Information Packet Number One
o t d i
i e t o
d v o n v o
d o
d 0
t i 0 n
What? Another new group hits the scene? God, Im getting so sick of
all these little groups! Well were nothing but, small and thats why people
hate us. Please read and listen to what i have to say is all i ask.
Thats probably what your thinking about but, thats when i come in.
Devotion got thought up late friday night on the 29th of July.
Because of my ideas and things i talk about with known artist from iCE,UNiON,
Motion,CiA, and RoC they decided to help me out.
Youre probably saying what is so different about us from the other
groups and why should i join? Ill give you the whole story.
Friday morning i logged on IRC and was just hanging around like a
normal day and watching everyone start dissing eachother and channel takeovers.
Thought to myself this is pretty bad that people have to dis eachother like
this and ive done it myself but not no more! So i just picked up and said
I quit to motion.
Later in the day i talked to Smooth from Legend/TekLordZ and told me
some ideas on what i could do with the scene and suggested me running my own
group and i stopped and thought how cool and fun that would be so i said
thats a pretty good idea smooth. There was only one small problem, name.
Name, now what could i call it? RoPE..naaa..Secondary..naa...Devotion!
That sounds good, has good meaning like Legend has. So then it was getting
the members. That was the easy part. In 7 days i had 36 members and now as of
August 11, 1995 i cut it down to 20 of the best ranging from Visigoth - Stain
and including the hottest and most upcoming artist i created, Shroom.
If your intersted in joining Devotion please contact me on Internet
and usually go by SSURV and hang out at DEVOTION or ICE is where
i am usually found. Or you can email me at SSURV@IX.NETCOM.COM and will
get back to you shortly. Or contact any member of Devotion and they will
help you out.
Another support is reaching Devotion WHQ Ground Zero at 309-798-5315
is probably the best way but may take awhile cause board is very busy. If
your calling just to apply to Devotion logon as: USER: DEVOTION PW: DEVOTION95
SYS PW: LAMERZ WANTED. You may also apply for access but will only slow down
the process.
Well, thanks alot for reading down this far, its around 4 in the
morning here and i really dont have no idea what im typing. Just looking
for that can of beer, now where did i put it? Anyways, dont be shy to stop
in DEVOTION on IRC and say hello or if you have any questions please fill
free to ask anyone of us.
Thanks alot,
Soul Survivor.Devotion Founder