april news !!? by Crash Test Dummy
april news !!? by Crash Test Dummy
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. 3o3 . .
. . p r Od u c t i O n s 9 7 . .
prologue ..
what have happened in during this month in the 3o3 ?? you maybe
ask yourself .. has anything happened at all ?!?
the answer is ofcourse YES! .. lots of things has happened in
3o3, so much i barely know where to begin ..
lost members
lets start with the members that left us this month. , drax
was the first one in 3o3s short history that left us. he said
that he didnt have the time and i dont blame him.. then
about a week later i heard from undertaker who also said that he
wanted to leave, that he would go for fusion and maybe fire.
but remember guys: youre always welcomed back ..
new members
now when we have suffered through this horrible and sad part it
is time to announce the gained members.. the art division has
got seven new members. first a guy called imani joined as an
ascii/ansi artist.. then we gained an artist and coder called
ironman. dunno what to say about him.. the third artist that joined the art division was disobay.. he isnt a newbie in 3o3
though.. he joined the html division last month.. then cipher
joined the movement as a vga artist, i dont know so much about
him, but hes really good. the next one who joined was dezeit.
hes also member of phobia. then we gained a vga artist called
ravenclaw, leader of the group idlfrost. the last one who joined
was the ansi artist vader. then who is zenga!??, you may think.
the answer is that its only photox who has changed his handle.
that should include everyone.....
we have also got ourselves some hqs, memberboards and distsites,
check them out in the memberlist..
more news ..
since we have so many vga artists right now, i think well release
two packs every month in the future, one ansi/ascii pack and one
vga pack. double the pleasure for you art lovers out there.
in this pack we have included the awesome 3o3 view v1.1,
coded by the leader of the code division- the raven. its just a
beta version, and it only views ansi, but hes already working on
if YOUre intrested to join the 3o3 productions i suggest you
fill in the apply.3o3 which you can find in the pack, then send
it zipped with some of your work to one of the leaders or to the
group email. you can also call claustrophobic dimension and talk
to nibc.. then well get back to you.
the art division are in need of all kind of artists, but especially
good ansi artists..
..Crash TD3o3
We would like to thank
all our artists for their contributions
raider, bym, skylord, nOah, junkie, rage,
cybernide, cb, puppiluppan, mongi, Vibr8
all of those that we forgot
Last but not least. .. . .all of them paravictims out there
e o f