the house of madness by spirit of rage
the house of madness by spirit of rage
this pic was more or less drawn for xga mode
so check it out in xga!
the house of madness
+o rage
ansi made by spirit of rage, for zenith summer 98
---end of ansi: 64 lines------------------------------------------------------
I just got some quick things to say.. umm.. I havent completed all reqs I got this month so Ill make them fer the next pack, all reqs will be done dont worryIve done those that was most intressting right now.. all hey im bla, my
board name is bla, u rock go draw will have to wait for last.. almost all reqs
was like that The only req that was okey was dopies, he set up a theme
and gave ideas for what characters to draw and so on... and he will get that
too in the next pack cause I lack time for more big pics, you know what Im going to draw for yah
// spirit of rage out...
ps. no more reqs for a while would be nice I got plenty anyway! ds.