Paranormal Intensity / Lord Sith c 1998 ViViD Producitonz
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ViViD is looking for some new talent around the 6i3/8i9 area code. So if
your intrested in joining are local group, message me at one of the
contact boards written at the end of this message.
ViViD is a computer based art group. Computer Art groups are groups of
people that create ansis, asciis, or anything else for local BBSes. They
do this by releasing packs of their work and distributing it around 6i3.
We deal in many computer activities.
ansi, ascii, vga, coding, and tracking deptartments.
ViViD is based 6i3 / 8i9 this is a Local group never will we submit
to the pressures of internet.
Here is what each department is reponsible for.
The ascii department is responsible for ascii art.
The ansi department is responsible for ansi pics and menus. The
VGA art department deals with hi-res images. The coding dept makes
demo programs, loaders, and other useful or useless things, and
the Tracking department makes MODs, S3Ms, MIDs, etc.
Contact Boards
Higher Grounds WHQ 6i3832-1318
Inner Realm MBR 6i3838-3034
0 Gravity MBR 6i3747-0615