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ViViD Productionz
Doing it one more time.
Allright, well were back with another great pack, probably the best yet. After
kicking off the people that sucked we seemed to get really popular. Thats
because youre all bastards and wont give anyone a chance G. I really dont
know why we continue doing these packs but were not going to stop. The local
6i3 scene is really dead, let alone the art scene. Now the only art related bbs
is Higher Grounds. So i just wish that everyone would pick a scene it would makeeverything oh so much better and about 10x funner. Anyways our competition rOOt
is dead now... its just us. Id like to say goodbye to everyone at rOOt. Ok,
enjoy the pack and leave some feedback to me or Lord Sith telling us what you
think. Also we have a special apperance by Moleql the dissapering act, this boy
has been around a very long time he was in previous groups like iFX,MiST,
Destiny,RoC,Shiver,Dark, and rOOt. But hes back in the local scene now startinghis own art group in the near future Dream. Anyways this is ViViDs last pack
for awhile. Most of us members are joining Dream... so poo to all of you.
Words from the founders/presidents
Paranormal Intensity:
Allright well this is probablly our best pack ever, you see what happens when
you kick off everyone that sucks in your group, you get a really good group.
So this is our fifth pack, thats great i guess considering how most of you
thought we would have died around our third. Its really too bad about rOOt
dieing down. Who knows maybe some of the members will revive the group, and
bring back some competition. I would really like to see some new talent in 6i3
and 8i9. But i guess i will just have to wait. Anyways check out Higher Grounds
its pretty cool.
Leaving Members
Allright well someone that has been with us right from the start. Shattered
Impulse / Maniac leaves, he appeared to get a life so he left, good for you
maybe we will get one too some day. Im also cutting off the Literature dept
so say goodbye to Maladjusted and Shotgun.
Joining Members
Allright we picked up some new members SleepWalker, some bitch from iCE, im
gonna make him head of recruiting.
An asckii bitch by the name of VestalM, previously in rOOt but since there
quiters hes going to draw the local asciis.
Wordz from Jonny Blaze
Well ive been very buisy and havent had a chance to make anything for ViViD
yet, cause of running the brd, but here is my best one yet... in 3d too :
Wordz from Lord Sith
Im only here for the art.. Dont mind me... :P
Member Boards
Higher Grounds - World Headquarters - 6i3832-i3i8
Zero - G - Member Board - 6i3747-06i5
Legacy - Member Board - 8i9776-3326